13 At-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas for the Couples Wanting a Cozy Night In

Reservations are not required for these low-key (yet still romantic!) celebrations

There's no wrong way to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can indulge in an insanely oversized teddy bear. You can treat yourselves to an uber-expensive dinner. You could rent a hot air balloon to fly around the city and toss tiny heart-shaped chocolates down upon the masses like some kind of benevolent sky queen.

Anything goes — even staying in.

Some people love to plot massive declarations of affection. But if you're in the camp that prefers a little privacy — or you just want to save some cash this year — then welcome home. Because the most romantic Valentine's Day date ideas begin and end right in your own abode. Maybe a tasty Valentine's Day cocktail or low-key dinner is what the doctor ordered this year.

But remember, spending Feb. 14 at home isn't an excuse to forgo planning. Unless you and your partner have previously decided to Netflix and chill, popping on some random romantic movie will likely result in a little V-Day resentment. As with any other date night, intention is everything. You've got to have a game plan, even if the plan is simple. There's a big difference between throwing on the first movie you see and setting up a cozy movie night complete with their favorite snacks, a romantic film and ambient lighting.

To make sure your Valentine's night in doesn't feel like every other night in, check out these 13 at-home date ideas tailor-made for couples who prefer a low-key celebration.

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