Ashley McBryde Horseback Riding Accident
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Ashley McBryde Shares Update Following Horseback Riding Accident in Montana


Injuries suffered by Ashley McBryde on Wednesday (Sept. 22) in a horseback riding accident forced the postponement of that night's tour stop in Missoula, Mont.

McBryde's team broke the news in an Instagram story.

"Earlier today, Ashley was enjoying her time in the beautiful state of Montana and had an accident while riding a horse," read the social media post. "After a trip to the hospital and a few stitches (and some very sore bones) she is recovering and doing her best to ensure she can play again as soon as possible. Thank you to the wonderful EMTs and hospital workers in Missoula. Our sincerest apologies to the fans for the postponement tonight. As soon as we have updates on other shows this week we will make sure to let everyone know."

On Sept. 24, McBryde shared details about the acccident, which resulted in a concussion, on social media.


"A few of us went to ride horses on a ranch in Montana before the scheduled show on Wednesday," McBryde wrote. I'm not an inexperienced horseman by any means, I grew up riding a fair amount. The horses we were on are ridden a lot and cared for each day. Very good horses. The older mare I was riding was determined to go faster than the pack. Eventually I swapped onto a younger mare named Jenny. We got along famously....On our last little journey back to their barn, something spooked her. This wouldn't have been a problem apart from my right foot slipping just outside the stirrup. I tried to correct that with no luck, and she was loping at a pretty good pace. We pased the ranch owner to who I yelled 'I lost the stirriup I may go over,' and I did. Jenny wasn't trying to throw me at all. But she was moving faster than I could stay on with one stirrup and a loss of center balance. When I landed, I assumed I had hit my shoulder as did the rest of the party. Sadly I had landed on my head. After a trip to the ER, staples to close my scalp up, the cat scan revealed a pretty harsh concussion."

McBryde assured fans that she'd return to the stage as soon as possible.

"You know me, I wouldn't postpone a show for bumps and bruises," McBryde wrote. "But at the moment I am not able to walk without assistance. We are in contact with my doctors and following everything they say seriously. And as son as I am able to walk across a stage again, that is exactly where you'll find me."


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McBryde's latest song is "Never Wanted to Be That Girl," a duet with Carly Pearce that's featured on the latter's new album 29: Written in Stone. Both collaborators are in the running for CMA's 2021 Female Vocalist of the Year award.

The duo wrote the new song with one of Nashville's most prolific wordsmiths, Shane McAnally. Its lyrics offer the perspectives of two women trapped in a cheating husband's web.


"Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them," Pearce explained in a press release. "You never see it coming, but there's always an explanation. You know, who'd ever want to think that way about someone they love. Why would you? And so, that's where this song started: the things you don't see, because you'd never look.

"Ashley is such a great drop-into-the-moment writer, she was able to bring that reality bomb truth to what we were doing," the Kentucky-born singer continued. "She's fearless, and she understands human nature in a way that let us both really write to the hurt of realizing we've been lied to by someone we're intimate with."

McBryde heaps equally glowing praise on her newest duet partner.

"Carly isn't afraid to face the less potable subjects," McBryde said in a press release. "As a writer she's willing to get in there and get very honest. Writing this song together with Shane strengthened our friendship and taught us more about one another and ourselves. Seriously, nobody wants to be the other woman. And when you find you are ... damn. It's such a gut punch."


This article was originally published on Sept. 24, 2021. It was updated on Sept. 27, 2021. 

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