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American Idol': Luke Bryan Accompanies Former College Football Player During Star-Making Audition

Lionel Richie said "yes" to Will Moseley's audition in what's got to be record time.

On Sunday night's (March 3) episode of "American Idol," former college football player Will Moseley earned his golden ticket to Hollywood unanimously with his original song "Gone For Good."

The Hazlehurst, Ga. native and ex-offensive lineman for Maryville College in Tennessee has lived in his tiny hometown for 23 years. Injuries from his playing career shifted Moseley's focus to playing guitar, writing songs and singing country music.

"I've realized being on stage and singing to people, it's an adrenaline rush, really," Moseley said during a pre-audition clip. "The feeling that you get when you sing your own songs and people sing it back to you is life changing."

Moseley's commanding delivery had Lionel Richie declaring "yes" within the first verse.

After that, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan moved to the music before Bryan took to the piano to play along with Moseley.

As their reactions telegraphed, Perry and Bryan also said "yes," unanimously sending Moseley to Hollywood.

"We knew it from the very first note," Perry said. "This isn't a hobby. You're not just doing this for one more year. You're gonna do this for the rest of your life."

Richie left the set during the song and later confirmed his thumbs-up for Moseley during a FaceTime call with Perry.

"I think Will is a star," Richie said. "I love the timber of his voice. His voice is amazing."

Moseley has since taken to Instagram to celebrate his golden ticket.

"Well there it is! I got the golden ticket!," he wrote in the caption. "Thank you [Bryan] and [Perry] for listening to the whole thing! [Richie] thank you for the fastest Yes in [
American Idol'] history! See you in Hollywood!"

"American Idol" airs Sundays on ABC starting at 8 p.m. ET.

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