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These 22 Groom's Cakes Cover Every Hobby for Wedding Inspiration

You may be thinking to yourself right now, "What is a groom's cake and is this a new trend?" Well, groom's cakes actually go way back to the Victorian era in England where the bride would gift her new husband a cake fit just for him. The groom's cake, typically fruitcake, was usually smaller than the actual wedding cake and served at the end of the wedding to the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

The idea of a groom's cake eventually made its way to the United States and many brides have picked up this southern tradition at their wedding. A groom's cake nowadays is usually a surprise to the groom on the day of the wedding and decorated in a way that reflects the groom's personality or his hobbies. Many brides choose to have a groom's cake at their wedding to give their new husband special recognition on a day where most of the attention is focused on the bride.

The traditional groom's cake is most likely sliced, boxed and given out to guests after the wedding to take home. But, you can always break tradition and serve the groom's cake along with other desserts at the wedding. There's no such thing as too much cake! I have also heard from some brides that the groom's cake can be served at the rehearsal dinner, which is usually hosted by the groom's parents.

Also, legend has it that if an unmarried, single woman sleeps with a slice of the groom's cake under her pillow, she will dream about her future husband. I'm not sure how appealing that sounds since popular groom's cake flavors are dark chocolate or alcohol-infused, but maybe it's worth trying! Check out this list of iconic groom's cakes that celebrate the man of the hour.

1. Pickup Truck

A man's second love (besides his bride!) is he beloved car. Make sure to fill his special groom's cake with his favorite cake flavor!

2. For the Fisherman

Rustic and fun, this groom's cake represents the fisherman in the groom.

3. Football Star

Maybe the groom love reminiscing about college football days or has a favorite sports team that is perfectly represented with a football helmet.

4. Fast Car Fanatic

What guy doesn't love a fast car?! Whether he owns one and likes to take it out for a ride on a nice day or dreams about owning one, this groom's cake is sure to represent one of his favorite hobbies.

5. Grill Master

For the groom who always mans the grill and makes the best cheeseburgers around, this cake is a must when wedding planning.

6. Mr. Fix It

Maybe your future husband is known as "Mr. Fix It" around the house and thanking him for all his hard work can be shown in a special groom's cake. Fill it with one of his all time favorite flavors like: chocolate or red velvet.

7. The Hunt is Over

If I could go back and add something to my wedding, I would include this groom's cake! Even though the hunt is over, your future husband still can't live without his YETI cooler and his favorite hobby, hunting.

8. Beer Drinker

If your groom enjoys drinking beer and snacking on pretzels while watching his favorite sports team after a long day, this groom's cake is so fitting.

9. Flannel-Wearing Lumberjack

I love everything about this groom's cake. Represent your flannel-wearing future husband with this woodsy cake. You'll surprise your groom and the guests when they see the impressive interior, too.

10. Doughnut 'Cake'

If your future husband is a fan of doughnuts rather than traditional wedding cake, this tiered fresh doughnut cake is a fun twist on groom's cake.

11. Star Wars Fan

In a galaxy far, far away, this is every man's groom cake! Bring a smile to his face with a Star Wars groom's cake that is sure to 'wow' any Star Wars fan.

12. Fire Helmet

Thanking your future husband for his bravery and hard work is perfectly represented with this fire helmet cake.

13. Golf Groom's Cake

If your groom loves to spend Saturdays golfing with his buddies, this specialty cake is one that will show off one of his favorite hobbies.

14. Cigar Cake

Getting a custom cake for your groom is a special way to show off his favorite hobbies and interests. This cigar groom's cake, complete with a humidor, is for your future husband who likes to relax and wind down with a good cigar.

15. Whataburger Cake

If your groom is a huge fan of Texas' favorite fast food restaurant chain, Whataburger, he might just love this creative groom's cake. Fit for any wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.

16. Batman Fan

Any die hard Batman fan would approve of this groom's cake.

17. Man's Best Friend

A cake idea that's perfect for any man who adores his dog and their love of the state of Texas.

18. For the Movie Buff

This movie themed cake idea is complete with a box of popcorn and a film reel. This groom's cake is personalized with pictures of the bride and groom for an extra special touch.

19. U.S. Marine Cake

Honoring and thanking your future husband for his service and commitment to protect our country can be shown in one way at the wedding reception through a groom's cake like this.

20. The Steel Magnolias Armadillo Cake

A groom's cake inspired by the infamous scene in Steel Magnolias where guests are eating away at a red velvet armadillo groom's cake. Maybe it's best to ditch the red velvet cake flavor for this, but if he's a fan of the film, go for it!

21. For the Musical Groom

Show off his musical talent with a custom groom's cake just for him. The sweet, southern tradition makes any guy feel special.

22. I'll Be There for You

My now husband would've totally wanted this Friends inspired groom's cake at our wedding. Clever and fun, this cake is perfect for the guy who can't stop watching reruns of Friends.

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