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The 10 Best Burger Joints in Texas

Grilling is a summer staple, and nothing rounds out a hot summer day like an ice-cold beer and a burger straight from the grill. There's just something about the way a good burger tastes fresh off the grill in that summer heat that makes everything right with the world. But let's be honest. Sometimes you aren't in the ideal position to grill. For those times when you just want a great burger without disappointment, we've rounded up the 10 best burger joints in Texas.

The problem there is that there are countless burger joints in any part of the state, but that doesn't mean they're all divine. To find the juiciest, meatiest burgers out there, it could be a 20-minute trip to your favorite burger spot in the closest town to you, or possibly a weekend getaway where you hit up as many burger spots that you can. The great thing about Texas is there's a whole different world to explore every 30 miles or so down the road, so let's get to it.

Here are 10 of the best burger joints in Texas.

10. Corpus Christi: Wallbangers Burgers

If a burger with all the fixins' plus sides to put any basket of French fries to shame is up your alley, then Wallbangers was made for you. Hearty buns and a flame-grilled patty are the start to every burger served up at Wallbangers' three locations, with two in McAllen and the original in Corpus Christi.

Add a side of macaroni and cheese to your burger and throw in the addition of a hand-spun shake, and you've got a day to remember in the books.

9. Austin: The Jackalope

This isn't your typical burger joint for the mere fact that it's actually a bar. Nestled in the heart of the Warehouse District in downtown Austin, The Jackalope is serving up burgers with attitude in half-pound proportions.

From their bacon and brie to jalapeño cheddar cheese and everything in between, there's no day that can't be brightened by a succulent burger and an ice cold beer on draft.

8. New Braunfels: Freiheit Country Store

There's nothing quite like that down-home feeling you get walking into a place where everyone knows your name, and that's exactly how you'll feel walking into Freiheit Country Store, located not too far outside of San Antonio. A rustic feeling sweeps over you, like you've been coming here your whole life. And that's what makes it one of the best burger joints in our book.

Settle in for a juicy burger smothered in whatever you like on the patio, or stay inside for some live music. No matter which route you take, you'll be surely impressed.

7. El Paso: Toro Burger Bar

If the idea of flaming hot Cheetos or macaroni and cheese on your burger sounds wrong, then we don't want to sound right.

Toro Burger Bar in El Paso is known for their crafty creations, like the Green Chili Burger made with Angus beef, fried onion strings green chile cream sauce and a crispy fried whole green chile. Or you could go for a bacon cheeseburger that leans way over into extra with the Booze Burger and its Guinness cheese sauce, fried onion strings, Jameson bbq glaze and bacon strips. Stop in for a treat your tastebuds won't know how to deal with.

6. Laredo: Pino Burger

There's nothing like a side of jalapeños to your burger that screams, "Laredo"! This classic burger joint is nestled deep inside the boarder town of Laredo. Bringing the flavors of a border town to their burgers and sides, Pino Burger has one thing on their mind besides making mind blowing burgers, and that's you and your taste buds.

5. Abilene: Heff's Burgers

Sometimes, you just need a diner cheeseburger, and that's exactly what you'll get at Heff's Burgers. With locations all around the state, they've made a name for themselves with locals and tourists alike in various cities and towns across Texas and Oklahoma for reason.

It's the perfect stop for any day a burger calls your name. Simple yet delicious, there's just something about a diner-inspired burger that makes everything alright, especially when you pair it with a side of onion rings or Twister Fries.

4. Amarillo: Blue Sky

This best burger joint in Texas has been around the Amarillo area for a hot minute, and has won over the hearts of nearly all that enter.

With locations in Lubbock and Abilene, its casual digs and promises of fresh cut ingredients will have anyone feeling as if they're in their own kitchen awaiting one of the juiciest burgers they've laid eyes on.

3. Fort Worth: Rodeo Goat

If you don't cry at the mere sight of these gourmet burgers, burgers may not be your thing. This burger joint is nestled inside an old industrial building, and bustles with burger fiends of every shape and size. Get a Nanny Goat burger with herb goat cheese or the Chaca Oaxaca (beef and chorizo patty, avocado spread, fried egg, queso fresco and Tabasco mayo). There ain't no burger like a Rodeo Goat burger, and if you don't know what that means, we suggest firing up that engine and heading down to Fort Worth (or Dallas, Houston or Plano), and stat.

2. Beaumont: DaddiO's Burgers

You've signed up for a challenge worth partaking in by heading to DaddiO's Burgers in Beaumont. Not only do they offer beastly burgers like the Big Daddy which has not two, but three beef patties smothered with three layers of American cheese and all the fixins, but they also make their own specialty sauces for said burgers.

Why stop there when you can dip your hand-cut truffle fries in these sauces, too?! It's burger paradise, and all they're missing is you.

1. Nacogdoches: Butcher Boys Smokehouse & Deli

So you've never been served fried okra with a burger before? Honestly, we're wondering why more people aren't doing this.

If a classic diner burger with traditionally Southern sides is what your dreams are made of, then this best burger joint in Texas is the place for you. They'd love nothing more than giving you your dreams on a silver — or Styrofoam — plate.

This post was originally published in July 2017. 

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