Why We Should Stop Judging Weddings, Cake Trends and All

Every week, there's a new wedding trend circulating the internet, be it a doughnut wall or a pie table. With each new trend, however, are those nay-sayers who just can't seem to stop insulting trend after trend, especially in the wedding arena. This is a call to action for all of us to stop judging weddings and start celebrating the kernel of truth at the heart of each wedding: love.

Country Living tackled the naked wedding cake trend after posting a gorgeous photo on their Instagram feed that incited anger from readers everywhere. The crux of the naked wedding cake trend is that many believe the cake is dry without a protective layer of frosting. And you know what, they may be right. But you know what's not okay? Insulting a couple's choices for their wedding.

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A wedding, especially nowadays, is a personal celebration of the love between two people that has probably already been established for some time, especially in the case of millennials who are nixing the wedding trend entirely.

This celebration is not only a reflection of the couple themselves, planned and personalized every step of the way, but an invitation to it means that they consider you, as a guest, an integral part of celebrating that union.

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So what if you think a naked wedding cake is dry? Luckily, it's not your wedding! So what if your two closest friends or siblings are having a destination wedding? They invited you and wanted you there.

You're not super into their DIY table centerpieces? When it is your wedding, or when it was your wedding, you got to do things your way with your partner.

The real issue is that today, everyone is a critic in some shape or form, but a wedding is the last place criticism is needed or wanted.

How would you feel if, at your own wedding, you wandered past a table and heard snickering or whispering about your centerpieces?

Or you saw a social media post after your wedding in which a friend insulted one particular part of your wedding, like your naked cake?

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It can be tempting to shout our voices from the rooftop, especially when we feel that we have a legitimate reason, but maybe for the sake of our loved ones, we should stop judging wedding trends, eat some cake, enjoy a glass of bubbly, and toast the real reason why we are all there: the newlyweds.

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