Foodnited States

The Puns of the Foodnited States Have Become Something Even Better

What if the states that make up our country were made of food instead? Even though this idea has been done before, this was a question that Chris Durso's 8-year-old son Cameron asked. To make this an original project, Chris, art director and creator of Foodiggity.comknew Cameron was up to something good when he pitched his dad the idea to rename each State after the food given like "Kaleifornia" (California) or "New Pork" (New York).

Chris's and Cameron's wheels started turning and together they got to work, giving each state in our country a new punny name. Using different foods, each state was then created by hand along with state shaped cookie cutters. For about a year, the food States were photographed and posted on Instagram and soon went viral, landing them all over the news. If you love food, food puns, and awesome photography, check out all 50 food states from this article to see how Chris and Cameron did with your state's food pun.

Since this original project kept growing and requests from fans started coming in, The Foodnited States recently launched an apparel and accessories line, so now folks can show off state pride and their love of food. It might also give others a good laugh with the pun-tastic (sorry, I had to!) state names!

You can show off state pride by purchasing a T-shirt, magnet, sticker, poster or coffee mug to represent where you live or where you came from in the form of food. They also make great gifts-just in time for Valentine's Day! Here are some of our favorite products and don't forget to check out all of The Foodnited States products on their website.

The T-shirts

Who wouldn't want a super comfy cotton T-shirt to show off their favorite state? The Foodnited States sells men's/unisex ($24) and women's shirts ($22) in various colors and sizes and to help represent each food State. Check them all out here.

Show Texas pride and love of Tex-Mex with this super soft tee, each color representing two of the three Texas flag colors! I love that they even use food puns as coupon codes!

Show off your love bacon and the state of Connecticut with this awesome tee!

Refrigerator Magnets

Clear some space on the refrigerator to hold important papers and kid's artwork with a Foodnited States magnet. They're well-made and will definitely be a conversation starter when guests come over and spot the funny name.

Magnets cost $5 or you can purchase a four pack for $18 or a six pack for $24.99. Find them here.


Attach one or multiple stickers to any surface to tell your friends all about the state you love. They're the perfect addition to any flat surface like your car, back of your cellphone, or laptop.

Each sticker costs $3 or you can buy a four pack for $10, or a six pack for $14. Check them all out here.

I have to represent my home state, New Jersey or I should say, New Jerky! Nothing better than snacking on some jerky while sitting in traffic, gotta love the Garden State!


Make some room on the wall for The Foodnited States posters! You can buy a yummy map of The Foodnited States of America for $24.99 or a poster with one food state for $8.

You'll love displaying this in your house and hey, it might be a fun way to teach the kids all 50 states! Find them all here.


On their website, The Foodnited States sells these awesome ceramic mugs for you to happily sip your coffee, tea or other hot beverage! Each oversized mug costs $18 and you can find them all here.

Snack on some trendy avocado toast with this Avocolorado (Colorado) coffee mug!

Represent s'mores and the state of Oregon with this clever S'Moregon mug.

Check out The Foodnited States' website and be sure to follow them on social media!

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