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These 15 DIY Easter Egg Ideas Are Playful and Stunning

I've been dying to say these words: Spring is right around the corner! I absolutely love the springtime and the Easter season. One of my favorite things to do, besides making Easter brunch, is to dye Easter eggs with my family. Yes, I'm an adult in my twenties, but who says there's an age limit when dying Easter eggs?! Pastel, stickers, confetti, washi tape, oh my!

If you're planning on making dyed eggs for an Easter egg hunt or you're just looking for creative ways to spruce up the table, there are a bunch of DIY egg decorating ideas that are a little more interesting than just the simple food dye method. If you need a little extra inspiration, check out these gorgeous DIY Easter egg decorating ideas that will make the Easter bunny proud! Just don't forget the Peeps!

1. Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

How cool are these Easter eggs? You won't believe how easy it is to make them, too. Mix up some neon paint, warm water and vinegar to make neon dye and start dipping the hard-boiled eggs.

You can find neon paint at the craft store or on Amazon and these eggs might be perfect for a nighttime Easter egg hunt! Here are the directions.

2. Ombré Colored Eggs

Ombré is a huge trend nowadays. Create this look by using different colors of spray paint, but make sure you're in a well-ventilated area or outside. Start from the bottom of the egg, which will be the darkest, and gradually lighten the colors.

Mix and match colors for a fun and beautiful egg decorating design that's fitting for an Easter centerpiece or Easter basket. Here are the directions.

3. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

A fun DIY Easter egg project that the kids will love! All you need is a few simple things: hard-boiled eggs, chalkboard paint and chalk. That's it!

Paint over each hard-boiled egg with the paint and allow them to dry. Draw any design over each egg and if you don't like it, erase it! Here are the directions.

4. DIY Doughnut Easter Eggs

I mean really, how awesome are these DIY doughnut Easter eggs? Totally Pinterest-worthy and so easy! All you need to do is paint a thick ring around the hard-boiled egg, allow it to dry, and draw on straight lines for sprinkles.

The kids will love it! Here is the full tutorial.

5. Golden Speckled Eggs

For more of an elegant look, try out these DIY Easter eggs. Blue and green food coloring are mixed together and then the eggs are dipped in. To get the speckled egg look, dip a toothbrush in gold paint and run your fingers through the bristles and splatter the paint on the eggs.

You can even use a spray bottle. Almost looks like a really robin's egg, right? Here are the directions.

6. Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Here's a super simple Easter egg decorating idea that will make one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Use a pin to carefully poke holes at the top and bottom of the raw egg and blow the insides out of the egg into a bowl (save the eggs to make scrambled eggs!). Start coloring all over the hollow eggs with sharpies.

Using nail polish remover and a cotton swab, dap the nail polish remover all over the egg and watch the colors blend together for the tie-dyed look. Here are the directions.

7. DIY Marbled Eggs

I might just be adding these stunning Easter eggs to my spring table setting this year! They're more on the modern side of decorating, but they would be perfect to display in a bowl or vase.

Simply dip white hard-boiled eggs in a grape juice and vinegar solution overnight and the next day, wipe away to reveal the marbled look! You can dip the eggs in gold paint, or just leave them marbled. Here's the full tutorial.

8. Mosaic Easter Eggs

This interesting Easter egg decorating idea looks complicated, but it's actually easy (and relaxing!) to do. Boil your eggs making sure to leave a few white and some colored in egg dye. Peel off some eggshells from a few of the dyed eggs and break them into pieces.

Apply Mod Podge or glue to the hard-boiled egg and place the eggs shell pieces any way you choose to create a mosaic Easter egg. Here are the directions.

9. Watercolor Easter Eggs

To create this watercolor look, use a spoon to pour a mixture of egg dye or food coloring, warm water and vinegar over the hard-boiled eggs allowing the colors to dry in between pours.

How easy is that? A fun DIY project for kids and adults! Here are the directions.

10. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Easter Eggs

I really can't get over this DIY marbled look! Instead of using grape juice and vinegar like I mentioned above in number seven, this look is achieved by mixing together room temperature water and any color nail polish.

Wearing rubber gloves, dip in each hard-boiled egg and allow to dry. You can use a combination of nail polish, just one color, even glitter nail polish. Here are the directions.

11.Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

These tissue paper Easter eggs will look so pretty in any Easter basket-although it might be hard to hide them during your Easter egg hunt since they're so colorful and bright! This tissue paper technique is fun and a simple DIY project for the kids to do.

Make sure you are use bleeding tissue paper and wear rubber gloves since the dye can stain your skin. You can buy bleeding tissue paper at a craft store or on AmazonHere are the directions.

12. Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

If you want to ditch the egg dye or food coloring, try out this all-natural way by using different ingredients around the kitchen to dye Easter eggs. Brown eggs or white eggs work for this and to get a more vibrant color, keep the hard-boiled eggs submerged in the food dye solution overnight.

When the Easter egg hunt is over, you can safely eat the hard-boiled eggs or make egg saladHere are the directions.

13. Metallic Easter Eggs

To add some shine and bold colors to your Easter basket, try out these simple metallic Easter eggs using spray paint. To add in some creative designs, you can use a white chalk marker to make stripes, polka dots, or stars.

You can also use these eggs as a place setting for Easter brunch or dinner. Write your guests names on each egg and place in their spot at the table. Here's the full tutorial.

14. Paper Napkin Easter Eggs

This super simple design will have everyone asking how you did it! Find a decorative paper napkin that you like and cut out your favorite section.

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the hard-boiled egg and smooth out the piece of napkin onto the egg. The quickest egg decorating idea ever! Here are the directions.

15. DIY Burger Easter Eggs

This is the perfect egg decorating idea if you have a ton of brown eggs. Create this fun DIY cheeseburger design by drawing on the hamburger patty, tomato and sesame seeds with a marker. Glue on tissue paper for the lettuce and yellow paper for the cheese.

You don't even have to break out the egg dye or food coloring for this one! Here are the directions.

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