The Kitchn via Williams-Sonoma

The New Le Creuset Color is an Ombré Dream

Quality cookware is a kitchen essential. Whether you swear by your Dutch oven or your griddle pan, there's no denying that enameled cast iron is the best bet for even heat distribution and retention. If you swoon over Le Creuset regularly but can't afford the steep price tag, know that you're not alone. However that doesn't stop us from window shopping, especially when Le Creuset debuts a new color.

The Kitchn reported that on January 19, Williams-Sonoma will begin carrying Le Creuset products in Mint, an ombré blue-mint color that looks like it was designed to kickstart spring in a fresh and inviting way. Le Creuset seems to be focusing on more bright, pastel millennial-inspired colors, from Sugar Pink to Provence. The addition of the plainly-named Mint only adds to the appeal of the brand for a younger generation of home cooks coming into their own.

As The Kitchn pointed out, it's not available in stores or online until January 19 so you won't find it there today. The line includes five pieces: "a 5.5-quart Dutch oven (for $330), a 1.5-quart saucepan (for $180), a 3.5-quart Dutch oven (for $200), a French press (for $68), and a rectangular grill pan (for $100).

When it comes to cookware sets, it seems that Mint could complete a basic kitchen lineup.

Interestingly enough, it looks exactly like Le Creuset Cool Mint, a color released in South Africa in 2015. The cast iron cookware color was advertised in an array of products, like the buffet casseroles and the Le Creuset Signature square skillet grill.

Also available in silicone accessories, a tea kettle, a coffee mug, a fry pan, salt and pepper mills, and other kitchen tools, it seems that Le Creuset could be testing the reboot of it stateside.

We might not see the full collection, but the mint color seems unmistakeable to us. How about you?

Whether you have a Le Creuset Dutch oven in Marseille already or a similar color, it seems that Mint would be the perfect fit in a coastal kitchen. In 2015, the brand even debuted this helpful color pairing guide with South Africa's Cool Mint.

The white color, known as Cotton, is a great palette cleanser for cookware and is one of the best Le Creuset cookware investments because it goes with everything. We can't stop imagining kitchen decor themed in coastal blue with pops of yellow and deep blues paired with this new hue.

Of course it's out of our regular budget, but it's just window shopping, right?

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