Joanna Gaines' 7 Favorite Things from Her Spring Collection at Target

Chip and Joanna Gaines have always thrived on being busy. Whether they're wrapping up their show "Fixer Upper" on HGTV, or surprising us all with the announcement of their fifth child, Texas' favorite family certainly keeps us on our toes. Their work ethic and faith-driven family values make their idyllic modern farmhouse lifestyle in Waco one to envy, especially as they continue to bolster the Texas city with landmarks that bring in tourists from all over the country.

From renovating Waco's Elite Cafe (find out the new name here!) to adding the Silos, the Gaines' touch on Texas grows every day. However, for those who don't live within a day's driving distance of Waco, there's a way to capture some of that Magnolia charm in your own home through Chip and Joanna's Target line, Hearth & Hand. Target just released the spring collection of the lifestyle brand and oh my goodness, y'all, is it beautiful! While we only saw the holiday-themed decor for the line's debut, finally we can see just how Joanna's touches are on every item. She shared her favorite items with Target, and we've rounded them up so you can grab them before they sell out!

7. Table Linens

Joanna revealed that she's got an eye for the details this spring, especially when it comes to table linens. Start with this embroidered stripe table runner in golden yellow and build your family dinners around it.

6. Ceramic Pitchers

With pitchers made from exposed raw clay, Joanna wanted to highlight the organic form of the creation process. You can feel the hand touches to each pitcher. This coral striped stoneware pitcher would make any porch feel like you're in Texas with a glass of sweet tea.

5. Nesting Houses

As Joanna writes on, "I love lining my shelves with these because they bring everything together and add a ton of character." I can see how they would, too, in a room full of open shelving. And the best part is that they nest together for easy storage.

4. Galvanized House Lanterns

Joanna plays with soft, feminine touches and hard metals in this collection for a chic farmhouse collection. These galvanized house lanterns feature "hand-done gold welding and accents," and make your home feel even more inviting.

Your favorite candle has never looked better than it does inside this sweet galvanized house lantern. These are perfect for a dining room, and for such affordable prices, it's great to say it's handmade.

3. Vases & Stems

Joanna is a huge fan of greenery to brighten up a space, and thankfully it's evident in her product line. Even if they're faux stems, greenery brings a breath of fresh air to a home and makes it feel instantly cozy.

Luckily, when Joanna designs faux flower bundles, she gives it her all and this bundle of Astilbe flowers immediately caught my eye with its calm colors.

2. Storage Boxes

A woman who takes care in designing thoughtful and pretty storage boxes is a woman after my own heart. I was thrilled to see that they came in a variety of colors, too. While I personally love Sage, you can't go wrong with the brushed neutral colors she offers.

1. Task Lighting

Joanna writes that lighting is "one of [her] favorite ways to personalize a home." I couldn't agree with more, and with Joanna's great eye for the smallest details, these mid-century modern lamps bring a touch of Magnolia into your living space. They contrast perfectly with the farmhouse style of the collection.

Which of these trends will you be shopping for at Target? I have to say that the storage boxes and the ceramic pitchers are my favorites, although the table linen napkins are so sweet, too! Find the new line in Target stores now, from market tote bags to desktop calendars. There are so many new items, you might not believe it.

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