Rainbow Spaghetti Simply Delights Kids from Ages 1 to 92

Step aside unicorn food, Delish's Rainbow Spaghetti is the new food trend that your children are going to go crazy over. Getting picky eaters to eat their dinner, a colorful bowl of Rainbow Spaghetti is as exciting as eating Funfetti.

Kids will not only be excited about eating dinner, but they'll be thrilled to make it. A fun kids activity, Delish shows us in an easy tutorial how to turn plain spaghetti noodles into a rainbow pasta you're kids will gobble up like snow ice cream.

Look at those colorful noodles! With a recipe like this, there will be no need to mask you're kid's spaghetti dinner with sickly sweet syrup like Buddy in Elf or threaten them with no dessert if they don't finish their plate. Best yet, it's easy to make and they'll want to do all the work.

To make this colorful pasta mix, all you need is al dente spaghetti and a few food coloring bottles. In several small dishes of water, add a few drops of different colors of food dye - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, you know, the colors of the rainbow.

In a six ziplock bags, add the plain noodles and one food dye color per bag. Next, shake up the bag until the pasta is evenly coated with the bright colors. Now, doctor up the pasta with kid friendly ingredients like melted butter and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Add a dash of salt and some cracked pepper, then toss, mixing up those beautiful colored noodles. There you have it!

Rainbow Spaghetti is a fun food recipe for all ages. Do yourself a favor, make parenting a little easier tonight and let the kids eat the colors of the rainbow. You may find that the meal itself is like finding a pot of gold when it comes to getting kids to eat their food.

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