Tiny House Kitchens

The 11 Tiny House Kitchen Ideas We Simply Adore

When I was a kid, I dreamed of having a large open kitchen with a massive kitchen island - I also dreamed I would one day live in a castle. Like most childhood visions, as we grow we evolve and so do our dreams. Now, my dreams have changed. Somewhat of a minimalist and a complete outdoor enthusiast, I love the idea of condensing my life to a tiny house with acres of outdoor space to garden, build trails, and possibly install a wood-fired hot tub - hey a girl can dream. This of course means my childhood dream kitchen has now turned into a functional, realistic tiny kitchen.

Scouring Pinterest, I can't help but fall in love with some of the design concepts that have utilized such a small space while making it incredibly efficient. If you're reading this post, I'm sure you have no doubt done the same. So give yourself a break from work for a moment of kitchen therapy and take a gander at these 11 awe-inspiring tiny kitchens.

1. Indigo Theme

The indigo kitchen design idea may be minimalist, but it has everything you need in a stylish manner. The barn wood gives it a fun rustic look while the indigo color theme makes it pop, making this of the tiny house kitchen ideas that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

2. Bright Craftsman

The craftsmanship and creativity of this kitchen make it an inviting place just waiting for new recipes to be whipped up. The trick here is to ditch the tiny house appliances and use unique storage containers like cheese boxes.

3. Deceivingly Roomy

One of the apartments I rented during my college years had a closet of a kitchen featuring outdated appliances and a complete lack of light. While this tiny kitchen is about the same size, the creative design and layout turn it into a gorgeous kitchen that is just as cooking worthy as any big kitchen.

4. Kitchen for Two

This tiny house design is a good option for the space-saving couple. Featuring all the necessary kitchen amenities, a roomy countertop, plenty of storage space, and a slide out side table, it has everything you need. Not too mention it has an inviting modern look too. This will make all traditional homeowners jealous.

5. Stocked Appliances

When you have a small living space, you need to squeeze in all your appliances, and the Freedom kitchen does just that. With everything packed in, I love how it omits large overhead kitchen cabinets and opts for an open shelving kitchen storage option. It really helps to brighten up the space.

6. Farmhouse Cabin

Imagine it now. You're looking out the window to see all your farm animals enjoying life on the land, while you prep a fluffly omelette using chicken eggs you plucked out of the coop and fresh produce you picked from the garden. Just because the house is small doesn't mean you can't dream big with tiny living.

7. Natural Lighting

Still questioning tiny home kitchens? Just take a look at this. Reclaimed wood, a stainless steel farmhouse sink with a beautiful faucet, hood fan, two-door fridge, and plenty of natural light, there's no question that you can have a gorgeous, functional tiny house kitchen no matter the amount of floor space.

8. Galley Kitchen

Sleek and modern, this small space is streamlined for efficiency. Having all the major amenities on one side of this galley kitchen leaves the other side open for plenty of counter space for food prep and cabinetry for as a kitchen storage solution. The white subway tile adds a classy look too. Live off-grid with everything you need!

9. Retro Accents

How do you spruce up a white kitchen? Add some funky retro accents to offset your white upper cabinets and floor. The combination of the two really brighten up the space making this small kitchen feel bigger than it is. This tiny house kitchen design almost makes me want my own tiny house!

10. Open Space

This colorful 400-sq ft Austin based tiny home utilizes a well constructed floor plan by opening up the kitchen space to an inviting living room. It can be hard to entertain guests in small corridors, but with this clever design everyone can still mingle and not need to be booted out of the kitchen so you can do your thing. This is perfect for modern tiny living.

11. Modern Farm-to-Table

I absolutely adore the Alpha tiny house kitchen. Featured on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living, it has plenty of windows, food storage, shelves for herbs, a full size fridge, farmhouse kitchen sink, and lots of natural light. The kitchen's platform also stores a 6-person table. What more could you ask for from tiny house living?

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This post was originally published on May 11, 2018.