P. Terry's

P Terry’s Secret Menu Isn’t Too Secret in Their Open Air Kitchen


P. Terry's is a beloved fast-food joint that's local to Austin, Texas. According to their website, "P. Terry's offers the freshest quality ingredients you can find served out of a drive-thru window." This classic burger joint was founded in 2005 by Austinites Kathy and Patrick Terry. They wanted to open a classic burger stand reminiscent of the ones they grew up with in the '50s and '60s. Their flagship P. Terry's burger stand is located on the corner of South Lamar and Barton Springs in Austin, TX. Even long time customers might not know about the P. Terry's secret menu.

P. Terry's prides itself on serving fresh ingredients and using all natural meats like chicken and beef patties. Their French fries are free of hydrogenated oil and trans fats. They also serve some unique fast food items like their veggie burger, banana bread, fresh baked cookies, and authentic milkshakes.

P. Terry's Secret Menu

It seems like nowadays, every fast food restaurant has their own secret menu. Nationwide chains like McDonald's and KFC have quite large secret menu items and secret hacks. McDonald's has their special sauce, while In N Out has their animal style fries and burgers.

P. Terry's secret menu consists of additions and combos the customer may think of. All locations have an open kitchen, allowing customers to see their food being prepared. P. Terry's suggests getting grilled onions or jalapeños and adding them to your cheeseburger or chicken burger for a kick. They can make a BLT, root beer float, or Arnold Palmer. All you have to do is ask.


P. Terry's Competition


Austin has a booming food scene, and with that comes competition. While the city remains known for its breakfast tacos and BBQ, a good fast food burger is definitely appreciated. P. Terry's competes with beloved Texas chain, Whataburger, as well as Los Angeles transplant, In n Out. Shake Shack has even popped up and expanded throughout Austin.

What makes P. Terry's unique is their commitment to customer service and employee well-being. They treat everyone with respect, give back to the community and pay employees above industry standards.