Listen to Brad Paisley’s Nostalgic New Tune ‘Last Time For Everything’

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Brad Paisley’s new song “Last Time For Everything” feels bittersweet, to say the least. The tune off his upcoming album Love And War hits all the right spots, but don’t be surprised if it leaves you feeling nostalgic.

Also, don’t be surprised if you think you’re listening to some 80s rock by the sound of that opening guitar lick. It kind of feels like Bryan Adams mixed with The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.”

But anyways. “Last Time For Everything” will make you think wistfully about the good times. Like the last time you’ll ever be in your tux in the high school gym. Or the last time to play fetch with your first god. Or the one that really gets us Eagle fans: “Watching Glenn Frey sing already gone at the Forum in L.A.,” Paisley sings. “There’s a last time for everything.”

And sometimes you just don’t know when that’s gonna be, as Paisley sings in the chorus: “Hold me baby; give me a kiss. Like tonight is all there is. Cause there’s a last time for everything.”

Needless to say, the vibe is much different than the song he released last week, “Selfie#Theinternetisforever.” That downright silly tune pokes fun at selfies. This one praises the types of memories those selfies now capture.

Hearing Prince singing Purple Rain and Little Jimmy on the Opry stage. Brad Paisley is going to make us choke up! At least he’s got a ripping finger tapping solo in the bridge to distract you from your feelings.

But really, it’s a good tune. Just beware the feelings it may bring back.

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Paisley’s new album Love And War inches closer and closer. “Last Time For Everything” marks the fourth song released from the 16-track project. Along with the aforementioned selfie tune, Paisley released first single “Today” and small town ode “Heaven South.”

Love And War comes out April 21.

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Listen to Brad Paisley’s Nostalgic New Tune ‘Last Time For Everything’