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Brad Paisley Makes Fun of Online Culture in Hilarious New Video for 'Selfie#Theinternetisforever'

When we saw a song called "Selfie#Theinternetisforever" on Brad Paisley's new album Love And War, you can bet we chuckled. Few people seem to capture the hilarity of self-deprecation quite like Paisley.

And he's definitely gone after the Internet before. His 2007 song "Online" makes fun of how easy it is to be something you're not on the Internet. With the new tune, which we'll call "Selfie" from here on out, he goes even further.

And he's got the video evidence to prove it.

Brad Paisley released a new video for the song exclusively on Facebook. And he wants you to know you should absolutely be ashamed of your self(ie). The video features plenty of real pictures that are just really bad. And need lots of pixelation.

But the master of making fun of himself, Paisley saves the biggest laughs for himself and his band. Featuring terrible selfies submitted by fans, the video is already getting pretty close to one million views.

With lines like, "It's all fun and games until your daddy follows you on Instagram," Paisley clearly wants to offer a cautionary tale. But a little tough love too. He later sings, "You took it of your face, but you know you're really showing your ass."

(And as the video proves, Paisley isn't above making the mistake, either). Some lines in there get particularly cheeky (like the Brett Favre reference). The whole thing culminating in a sing-along chorus of The Internet is forever!" sure seems appropriate. But come on — we all know it goes in one ear and right out the other.

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Brad Paisley features the song on new album Love And War, which comes out April 21. The album's first single, "Today," made it into the top 10 on the charts.

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