Brad Paisley Shares New Details of Upcoming Album 'Love and War'

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Brad Paisley is a busy man. In addition to his long list of 2016 tour dates, he spent plenty of time in the studio. And now he's got some details. It seems the superstar landed on a name and release date for his newest record.

In a press release, Paisley says he's settled on a March 3 release date for new album Love and War. That's his eleventh studio album, for those of you keeping track.

Meanwhile, he also extended his Life Amplified World Tour dates into February and March 2017. Paisley teased little bits about Love and War over the past several weeks. On Twitter, he joked about "sequencing" the record and having some typo errors.

Of course, that also means he's got a Timbaland collaboration on the record. Brad Paisley released his duet with Demi Lovato, "Without A Fight," back in May. The tune peaked at No. 16 on the charts.

He also just dropped his sentimental new tune "Today" in October. That classic Paisley tune is on its way up the charts, hitting No. 12 most recently.

So we've got a name and a release date, and knowledge of a few collaborations. But we still don't have a track listing, or cover art. Until that info comes out, you'll just have to satisfy your Brad Paisley craving with his new live DVD. Life Amplified World Tour: Live From WVU comes out on Friday, Dec. 23.

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Brad Paisley Shares New Details of Upcoming Album 'Love and War'