Zapp's Voodoo Fried Pickles Are the Perfect Summertime Appetizer

Summertime is dedicated to fried green tomatoes, but we'll let fried pickles have their moment too. Walmart is selling Zapp's Fried Pickles with Zapp's Voodoo Potato Chips batter. Zapp's potato chips are worthy of a guilty finger lick after finishing a bag, so it's no surprise that the Cajun flavoring makes a great batter.

Before you try Zapp's Fried Pickles, you have to try their Voodoo chips. You can order them on Amazon here. Zapp's Voodoo chips are a match made in Heaven for anyone who appreciates authentic zesty Cajun seasonings.

Zapp's New Orleans Kettle-Style Potato Chips, Voodoo Flavor - Crunchy Chips with a Spicy Kick

I adore Lay's, but Zapp's Chips are amazing, y'all. Their Cajun Dill Gator-Tator and Hotter 'N Hot Jalapeno chips will make you a chip fanatic. You'll be sure to keep a bag in your pantry at all times. Zapp's voodoo flavoring is one of a kind delicious.

Does anyone else like putting chips on their sandwiches? Well, if you do, you'll love stacking a few Zapp's potato chips on your ham and cheese sandwich.

Zapps Vodoo Battered Fried Pickles

Zapp's Voodoo Fried Pickles will be your favorite appetizer. Pop these in the oven while you prep for dinner. These will be a hit with the family! Be sure to also stock up on some boxes for family gatherings this summer.

Zapps Boudin Balls Cajun Style

If you have a lot of mouths to feed, also consider Zapp's Boudin Balls. A Walmart customer left a five-star review and said, "These are so good they're very light and they actually taste better than the ones I usually get from Razzoo's or any other Cajun restaurant."

Okay, saying these taste better than the boudin balls at Razzoo's is a big statement, but I believe her! Next time I'm at the grocery store, I'll be on the lookout for them. In the meantime, enjoy your Zapp's Voodoo Battered Fried Pickles.

Is there anything better than dill pickles? Honestly, give me dill pickle-flavored anything, and I'll devour it. Whether it's pickle beer, pickle cupcakes, or dill pickle chips, I'm here for it.

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