Mountain Dew-Flavored Doritos is a Weird Chip Flavor We Didn't Expect

Do the dew and do the Doritos, too? What? Yeah, I'm not so sure what inspired this, but Mountain Dew Doritos exist. That's right, the delicious lemon-citrus drink is now in chip form. PepsiCo Inc., we're not sure what to think about this one, but we're always open to new flavors.

It turns out, a few people have gotten their hands on the Doritos Mountain Dew chips already. Instagram user nickvavitiss says they "taste like citrus lime detergent." Although, another blogger says the citrus flavor wasn't too bad. An Instagram account by the name foodfindsgeelong even described them as sweet and said they would be better with a spicy dip.

They're only available in Australia, at least for now. Hopefully, they make their way to the United States because I can't wait to try them. I find taste tests enjoyable. Again, we're not sure what made Frito-Lay combine the flavor of Mountain Dew with Doritos, but hey, it's something different, and you have to like it for that.

It does seem like the Mountain Dew flavor may have been inspired by gamers. Call of Duty does have a sponsorship deal with Mountain Dew. Surely Xbox lovers are all over these chips. If you have a little one who loves to game, surprise them with these new chips. (If you can find a bag.)

Are you willing to try them? These 'Dewitos' definitely have mixed reviews, but you can't help but want to give a limited-edition Doritos flavor a try. In the meantime, I may have to do something weird, like dip a tortilla chip into a cup of Mountain Dew.

Don't judge! How else am I going to see what they taste like? Oh, PepsiCo, please do us a favor and ship some bags to the United States. We love weird flavors, and we're not scared to admit it.

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