Zach Bryan Defends Randy Travis' AI Assisted Song
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival)

Zach Bryan Defends Randy Travis' AI Assisted Song

It's not hard to understand why everyone is up in arms about the use of AI in music. But Zach Bryan chose a pretty firm stance on the situation.

Country's hot sensation took to X to point out some of the flimsiness and hypocrisy in the arguments against the song. "Some people are so shocked and offended by the Randy Travis AI song when most artists haven't written their own song a day in their life," he shrugged.

By the end of the tweet, he jokes about the potential it could have. He establishes his concerns by wondering "when we're going to start doing cool things with it like have Johnny Cash on a Beastie Boys song or feature Bob Dylan with Beyoncé."

Mixed Feelings on Randy Travis Song

As much as Bryan pokes fun at the situation, there are fair concerns with the use of AI. One fan couldn't even see how it is an argument. "It's really not that hard of a decision. If they're doing this now for one person, the floodgates for everything is going to be open soon. The forbidden box will flush through," they assert.

On the other hand, you can see where people find good in this whole debacle. His loved ones cried upon hearing his voice again. Fellow contemporaries in the industry were emotional when he shared with them. The familiarity was enough to warm their hearts, even if it came with a little help from AI.

Additionally, it's touching to see how being apart of music again brought great joy to Randy Travis. Upon its release, Travis wrote, ""Eleven years ago I never thought I would be able to have a hand in music production of any kind, but by God's grace and the support of family, friends, fellow artists, and fans, I'm able to create the music I so dearly love. Working with Kyle Lehning and Warner Music Nashville again has been so special and nostalgic, and I'm so excited to share my new song 'Where That Came From' with you today. Many thanks to my wonderful team and the best fans in the world for putting me back in the saddle again! I've enjoyed every moment of it."

There will always be an innate skepticism of how AI will be used in the music industry. But in the case of Randy Travis, we see how it can do some good.