You'll Either Love or Hate Whataburger's Newest Menu Item

Sometimes, it seems like Whataburger can do no wrong. Whether it's trolling In-N-Out in San Marcos, adding more items to the Secret Menu, or hilariously tricking its customers, the Texas restaurant chain continues to hold a special place in the heart of the Lone Star State. That is, until this newest burger offering.

Whataburger debuted the new Mushroom Swiss Burger, a delicious option that features two hamburger patties that are topped with premium grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and a creamy Au Jus sauce. Check out how it's made.

Why might diners dislike this option? Well, mushrooms are some of the most divisive food groups out there. If you love mushrooms, you can't get enough of them. However, if you dislike mushrooms, the thought of this burger might make you queasy.

Mushrooms are delicious in so many meals, but there's just something about the spongy texture that many people dislike. However, since it's a Whataburger original, you can bet those premium grilled mushrooms taste buttery and smooth. Even if you're not a fan of nature's most interesting fungus, you should still give this burger a try. After all, there's not much that sliced Swiss cheese can't fix.

The only thing this burger seems to be missing is bacon, but I have a feeling that the mushrooms make up for it because they traditionally pair well with meat, particularly steaks. This burger is only available for a limited time, so if you love mushrooms, you won't want to miss this at your local Whataburger. And if you don't have a local Whataburger, well, we feel sorry for you.

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