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The 12 Best Whataburger Stories We Covered in 2017

Well, no one can say that 2017 lacked excitement. We've seen just about every food trend that you could imagine, from the Unicorn Frappuccino to translucent pumpkin pie. For the next 12 weekdays, we'll be counting down through 2017's greatest hits, ranging from the best Whataburger stories to the most popular recipes you loved this year.

Today, we're covering the best Whataburger stories of 2017 because well, can Whataburger do any wrong? The answer is no.

12. Remember Ed Johnson? 

Local Whataburger staff in El Paso threw the sweetest surprise birthday party for Ed Johnson, a widower experiencing his second birthday without his late wife, April. His granddaughter posted the story on Twitter, and we immediately fell in love.

To read more about this mourning grandfather's surprise, check it out here.

11. The Whataburger snack stadium

This larger-than-life Whataburger snack stadium measured in at 6 feet by 10 feet, and every bit of material came from Whataburger. The chicken strips even served as an audience.

To see the fun time-lapse video of the stadium being built, check it out here.

10. The couple that flew flew in to try a new burger

Christina and Rick Croasdale took their Whataburger obsession to new heights, literally, when the couple flew 380 miles to the nearest Whataburger to try the brand new chorizo burger.

Was it worth it? Find out here.

9. That time Whataburger gave us Spicy Strawberry sauce

It will last in our hearts forever, and you too apparently loved the new Spicy Strawberry sauce that Whataburger tried this summer. Smothering the beloved Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and the Sausage Biscuits, this bright red sauce divided fans over taste.

You have to see the photos.

8. When Whataburger debuted chorizo

When we said that Christina and Rick Croasdale flew over 380 miles to try a new Whataburger menu item, this chorizo burger is exactly what we were talking about.

You can still find it on menus across the state, and here's everything you need to know.

7. Miguel's 1st birthday photoshoot, complete with Spicy Ketchup

This adorable story had us swooning in the best way. For Miguel Macias' first birthday, his parents Josephine and Miguel decided to embrace what the little guy loved: Whataburger!

See the sweet, messy photoshoot in all its glory.

6. When they made us bust a gut

We rounded up the 25 best Whataburger tweets and oh boy were they funny. Y'all loved them, and reading through again, there are some serious gems here. Head on over to view the full list.

5. How to win at Whataburger trivia

Every so often, we like to remind ya just why you like Whataburger so much and when we published these 10 seemingly random facts, it was a hit!

How many of these facts did you already know?

4. The sign that withstood Hurricane Harvey

In the early hours of Hurricane Harvey's landfall in Corpus Christi, one photo of a Whataburger sign gave hope to Texans as the rains continued over the next few days.

Some thought the comparison to the National Anthem was disrespectful, but we felt that it was just the right touch in light of the difficult days that lay ahead. See the sign here.

3. When we cracked the Whataburger secret menu

Few things excited our readers more than this list of the 7 best Whataburger secret menu items. Honestly, we still haven't tried the Chicken N' Pancakes yet!

How many have you tried?

2. When Whataburger stood behind the boys in blue

One of our more controversial posts this year, we covered the story of Whataburger's response after police officers were refused service in a location near the Oklahoma border. Chief Burch responded with decorum, and Whataburger promptly handled business on their end.

To read the full story, head on over.

1. The Whataburger trick we all for, at least once

As it turns out, we weren't alone in falling for this simple optical illusion. Many of you were just as guilty of reaching for it, and those of you haven't fallen for it will one day. You just wait!

To read our best Whataburger story of 2017, click here and don't let the fry fool ya! Check back in every weekday from now until December 22 as we count down our most-loved stories from 2017!

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