Josephine Macias via Sweet Hazel Photography

This Messy Whataburger Photoshoot is Exactly What You Need to Smile Today

If there's one thing all Texans love, it's Whataburger. Whether it's the battered sign is shining above a city after Hurricane Harvey, the new chorizo menu items that brings serious delight to your morning, or you're just tickled reading their hilarious Twitter feed, Whataburger has built a place for Texans that goes way beyond burgers and taquitos. As for kids and Whataburger, well you know the saying, "Start 'em young!" The same applies for this adorable and silly Whataburger photoshoot.

In Aldine, Texas, Josephine and Miguel Macias decided to do their son Miguel's first birthday photoshoot a little differently with Sweet Hazel Photography, based in Houston. As Josephine told Wide Open Eats,

"He is about to turn one in November and he loves Whataburger! So what better way to show it than through these photos."

When asked about his favorite Whataburger meal, this momma knew exactly what he likes... everything!

"He loves anything you put in front of him. He just really likes to get messy!"

Need a smile today? This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Let's take a closer look at some of our favorites. The meal progresses from clean to messy in the way that only one-year-olds can do, and it's too dang cute!

Before the real mess begins...

And slowly we start to see some Whataburger Ketchup (or is that Spicy Ketchup?) start to get into the mix...

Things are getting messier...and cuter...

We're going full ketchup throttle. Also, how adorable are the orange suspenders and bowtie?

In the end, there's only thing that matters. And it's this adorable smile.

Whataburger makes us that happy, too. Feeling inspired? Have friends with little ones looking to get creative for their photo sessions? Think outside of the box!

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