You Can Count One Artist Out On Replacing Katy Perry On American Idol I Don't Like Hurting People's Feelings
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You Can Count One Artist Out On Replacing Katy Perry On 'American Idol': 'I Don't Like Hurting People's Feelings'

It's no secret American Idol is about to take a massive loss as Katy Perry's time on the show nears its end. While we're all dreading the transition, it also leaves the door open to form new dynamics between the show's judges! We can't confirm who's on the shortlist to take Perry's spot, but we can tell you it won't be Pink.

Per Entertainment Tonight, as Pink strutted along the red carpet for the premiere of Bob Mackie: Naked Illusion, she was asked about her American Idol ambitions. Makes sense, being a trailblazer in the music industry herself. But if you were looking forward to Pink as a judge, she's got some heartbreaking news for you.

"I like my day job." She continued, "I don't like hurting people's feelings."

Ouch. She says she's not equipped to deliver potentially critical notes to aspiring, young hopefuls. That's admirable, seeing as certain celebrities — looking at you, Gordon Ramsay — delight in destroying the dreams of children and adults. Pink clarifies she's not against American Idol's mission statement. It just isn't for her.

With Pink Out, Who Else Could Replace Katy Perry In 'American Idol'?

Perry herself wants Jelly Roll to be her replacement, but, ehh. Boring! Instead, let's do a bit of fantasy casting!

Hmm... no, Taylor Swift is too busy. Kendrick Lamar? That could be interesting.

Naaaah. Kendrick has that pesky artistic integrity issue. Plus, he's already taken one person out back recently, why add a bunch of innocents to the mix?

Lizzo? ...I'm receiving word that Lizzo won't be in these conversations for quite some time. If ever again. We're not going to talk about it. Who else has that "fun, quirky Golden Retriever" vibe going like Katy Perry does? They can't be exactly like her because everyone will be mad if they are. But they also have to be eccentric enough, know what I mean?

T-PAIN. IT SHOULD BE T-PAIN. Am I the first person to bring that up as a possibility?! American Idol, get T-Pain on the line! He's cool! Fits the weird requirement (but the fun weird, not the "get away from me" weird)! He's perfect. If this doesn't happen, I'm going to be upset. ...Even though I'm the exact reason for my indignation. Leave me alone.