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10 Western Fashion Tips We Learned from 'Yellowstone'

The Paramount Network's hit series Yellowstone has become a phenomenon over its four seasons. Its fan base is only growing by the day, with audiences engrossed by the modern western and its story about the Dutton family's ranch empire. It's given people worldwide an up-close look at what the cowboy lifestyle looks like today, and we've learned a thing or two along the way. Not only have we been educated on all of the hard work it takes to run a ranch, but we've seen some seriously great western style.

From things to know about your cowboy hat to general style inspiration, here are 10 western fashion tips we've learned from Yellowstone.

1. A leopard fur coat is a closet staple

Beth Dutton in leopard fur coat on 'Yellowstone'

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As far as I'm concerned, Beth Dutton can do no wrong, especially when it comes to her style. Every single episode, I find myself Googling her outfits, and I feel pretty confident the rest of America went wild after seeing her wear this leopard fur jacket. One of the best parts about Beth is that she pushes the limits, even with her clothes. Sure, it's Montana, and she wears cowboy hats and boots like everyone else, but with a modern twist. Who says you can't wear your boots with this chic jacket and a designer dress?

2. Black on black is the epitome of cool

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler in 'Yellowstone'

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No one on Yellowstone is cooler than Rip Wheeler. The sunglasses, the swagger, the all-black ensemble. There's a reason New Yorkers have a reputation for being stylish...they wear a ton of black. Rip proves you can be just as effortlessly stylish on the ranch. Why mess with a good thing?

3. Take care of your cowboy hat

Jefferson White wearing a cowboy hat as Jimmy in a scene from 'Yellowstone'

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It was a big deal when Jimmy got his first cowboy hat on Yellowstone, but after returning to the bunkhouse, he made one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you follow cowboy superstitions. NEVER put your hat on the bed. Actor Jefferson White told US Weekly that not only was it true in the show, but Forrie J. Smith, a real cowboy who plays Lloyd on the series, scolded everyone behind the scenes for it as well.

"One time, it happened...we don't know who put the hat on the bed, but all of a sudden there was a cowboy hat on a bed, and Forrie J. Smith got very upset."

4. You don't have to be a rodeo star to rock a belt buckle

Mia and Laramie in scene from 'Yellowstone'

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Yellowstone features a few people who compete in the rodeo, and they all wear their winning belt buckles. From Jimmy to Mia and Laramie, it's a badge of honor that also makes a strong fashion statement. But you don't have to barrel race or ride bulls to rock the same look...on or off the ranch, it's a welcome addition to your ensemble of cowboy boots and jeans.

5. Match your cowboy hat to your outfit

Kevin Costner as John Dutton and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton on 'Yellowstone'

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If you watch Yellowstone, start paying attention to the Dutton family and their cowboy hats. While the bunkhouse crew might only be able to afford one nice hat each (good hats are an investment if you want one that will last), John Dutton has quite a few. He and Beth pair certain hats with perfectly coordinated outfits, and it looks effortless.

6. Women can rock men's Wrangler shirts too

Jennifer Landon as Teeter in 'Yellowstone'

Screengrab via YouTube

If you're a little more Teeter than Beth, she's got some solid fashion moments as well. Teeter works on a ranch and holds her own with the men while managing never to let you forget she is, in fact, a woman. I wouldn't have thought of wearing a men's shirt like this, but it works.

7. Honor your culture with accessories, like Monica does

Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton in 'Yellowstone'

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It's really important to Monica to never forget her culture back on Broken Rock Reservation. Even though she doesn't live there anymore, you always seem to see subtle nods to where she came from, whether it's a belt or necklace that one can assume she bought back on the reservation. It's a special and creative way to honor your culture or heritage.

8. You can wear a cowboy hat pretty much anywhere

Kevin Costner leaning against a car in a scene from 'Yellowstone'

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Whether he's going to a funeral, government meeting, or fancy party, you better believe John Dutton is wearing his cowboy hat. And it doesn't look weird at all paired with his clean-cut suit. It's a solid accessory that really can work just about anywhere.

9. But take your hat off at the dinner table

Family dinner scene with Beth, John, Kayce, and Jamie from 'Yellowstone'

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There's one place the cowboy hat is not welcome (other than on the bed), and that is the dinner table. It's a sign of respect, and the Duttons always make sure to remember that when they sit down to share a meal.

10. A bandana is the perfect accessory on and off the ranch

Ian Bohen as Ryan on 'Yellowstone'

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The ranch hands wear the bandana scarf for more practical purposes, like catching sweat or guarding against the sun, but it's still a cool look whether or not you're working on a ranch.

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