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The Ultimate Road Trip For 'Yellowstone' Fans

If you're a major fan of the Paramount Network's hit series Yellowstone, have you considered checking out some of the show's filming locations? Centered around the Dutton family's ranch empire in Montana, the popular show is visually stunning, giving a glimpse of what modern ranching actually entails. Thanks to series creator Taylor Sheridan, we've also gotten a prequel series to see how the Dutton family first settled down on their massive property. From the travel route taken in 1883, to notable filming locations in Yellowstone, this is the ultimate cross-country road trip for the passionate Yellowstone fan.

Fort Worth, Texas

Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton pose together for '1883'

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In the Yellowstone prequel series 1883, the Duttons travel from their original home in Tennessee down to Fort Worth, where they plan on purchasing everything they need to travel out West, fulfilling James Dutton's dreams. This is where they team up with Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) and join his wagon train of immigrants headed out to Oregon. The areas around W Exchange Avenue and North Houston Street in Fort Worth were transformed into a Wild West town for the series, where we saw Billy Bob Thornton guest star as the town sheriff. Many of the buildings you see on the show were CGI to really make it look like another time, but visiting the area, you can still get the general feel seen in the series.

Four Sixes Ranch

Jimmy carrying a bag walking around the 6666 Ranch in Texas

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In Yellowstone season 4, we got a peek at ranch life down in the Lone Star State when Jimmy gets sent down to the Four Sixes to learn how to be a real cowboy. Poor Jimmy kept getting into trouble with his girlfriend and the rodeo, so John Dutton wanted him to grow up and be a man. Texas was definitely the call! This is a real working ranch in Texas, one of the biggest in the entire state, that series creator Taylor Sheridan actually purchased. We'll get to see more of it on Yellowstone as well as the upcoming spinoff series.

Doan's Crossing at the Texas/Oklahoma border

Tim McGraw as James and Faith Hill as Margaret of the Paramount+ original series 1883

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In 1883, the wagon trail stops at a trading post at Doan's Crossing, the last settlement before traveling into Native American territories in Oklahoma. This is where we saw Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) befriend a local shopkeeper for the day, a new cowboy got hired and a cook joined the caravan. This is actually a real area at the Texas/Oklahoma border that you can visit in Jackson County, Okla., just on the other side of the shores of the Red River. It's a historical spot because it's where Texas cattle drives would cross the river over a century ago. As we saw on 1883, that was no easy feat.

Denver, Colorado

Snow covered Longs Peak, part of the Rocky Mountains stands tall in the background with green trees and the Downtown Denver skyscrapers as well as hotels, office buildings and apartment buildings filling the skyline.


After our group in 1883 made it through Oklahoma, narrowly surviving a tornado, they decided it was safer to travel through Colorado instead of veering straight for Oregon. Shea even tells the group he thinks it's probably safest for them to settle down in Denver instead of fulfilling the journey all the way to Oregon, but they don't want to listen. So, they continued on. There weren't any scenes filmed in Denver, but it's still a worthwhile stop if you want to experience the route the wagon train took on the series.

Fort Caspar, Wyoming

Reconstructed Fort Capsar in Casper, Wyoming, USA. Log construction.


Another 1883 stop! After the group's unfortunate attack by a Lakota tribe (a tragic misunderstanding), Elsa Dutton gets gravely injured. They stop at the military outpost of Fort Caspar, seeking help from a doctor but decide to carry on so that Elsa can make it to Montana. This was a real historic outpost that has since been turned into a museum for the public. You can not only visit to see what the outpost looked like over a century ago but learn all about how it earned its name, named for an officer who died in a battle against local tribes. One of which, was actually the Lakota.

Crow Indian Reservation

Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton and Gil Birmingham as Chief Rainwater in scene from 'Yellowstone'

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Crow Nation tribal chairman AJ Not Afraid allowed the series to film on their reservation land, which is located in Southern Montana in Big Horn, Yellowstone and Treasure counties. The land includes Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area And Yellowtail Dam and Chief Plenty Coups State Park, which is open to the public and made up of land Chief Plenty Coups left as a memorial to the Crow Nation.

Montana State Capitol in Helena

Drone view of the Montana State Capitol, in Helena, on a sunny afternoon with hazy sky caused by wildfires. The Montana State Capitol houses the Montana State Legislature.


The governor of Montana is one of the characters on the series, so it would make sense that a few scenes were filmed at the state's beautiful government office in Helena to represent her office on the show. We also saw court scenes filmed in the building's Old Supreme Court chamber, which are historic and truly beautiful.

Darby, Montana


The Duttons finally make it up to Montana in 1883 and settle down on the land that John Dutton lives on in Yellowstone. The real ranch used for filming is the Chief Joseph Ranch outside of Darby. When the series isn't filming, you can visit the ranch and even pay to stay overnight. Not to mention, Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton on the show, moved to town over the course of filming because he loved the area so much. Maybe you'll get to see him around town!

Bitterroot River Valley

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Yellowstone films all over this beautiful valley, and it's easy to see why. Not only is it where the Chief Joseph Ranch is located, but it boasts stunning views of the surrounding mountains, which are frequently seen when the show follows the ranch hands working the land.

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