'Yellowstone' Recap: Does Lloyd Have a Future at the Yellowstone?

Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone. 

Over the past four seasons of Yellowstone, there have been certain episodes that are so intense they're hard to watch at times. The pilot was so intense it killed off Lee Dutton and I'm still shaking from the episode where Beth was attacked in her office. "I Want to Be Him" has officially made it to the list of one of the most intense episodes of Yellowstone I've seen. Lloyd and Walker's ongoing feud reaches a violent peak, Kayce's family makes a fresh start, and Beth has some serious problems with her father's love life. From start to finish, I was completely immersed and ended the episode with so many more questions than I had before it started.

Read on for our seven main takeaways from episode six of Yellowstone.

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1. Summer proves she's tough (and can hold her own with Beth)

In episode five, we met a new character, Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo). She's a passionate vegan who showed up in Montana to protest the farming of livestock. John Dutton gave her a tour of his ranch (after bailing her out of jail), Summer spends the night. Beth and Summer have a run-in in the kitchen the following morning that results in Beth wielding a knife and calling Summer a hooker. They proceed to sit down to one of the most awkward breakfasts of all time with John that honestly had me cracking up while John, Beth, Summer and Gator were trying to figure out something vegan that Summer could eat. On a livestock farm.

Not only did Summer hold her own against Beth, which is hard to do, but she decides to walk back into town to fully take in all of the Yellowstone's land. She's an interesting character and I have no idea where the season is going to take her.

2. Kayce reunites with a former Yellowstone wrangler

Ever since the insane opening episode of the season where Tate saves his mother's life, not much has happened with Kayce, Tate and Monica. That's probably on purpose because of everything Tate went through, but I still feel like we haven't seen much of the trio. In an unexpected twist, Kayce runs into former Yellowstone wrangler, Avery (Tanaya Beatty), who we last saw in season two. Monica immediately seems threatened by Avery and even though Kayce reassures her, I'm still curious why she's back. Are we going to have to deal with Kayce being unfaithful amidst all the other Dutton drama? I'm not sure I could take it...

3. Garrett admits he tried to kill the Duttons

Another character I feel like I've barely seen this season is Jamie. After finding out that his birth father put a hit on the Dutton family, he confronts Garrett Randall with a gun, asking him to admit that he did it. Randall gives Jamie an emotional speech explaining that he did it because he loves him and that he is his family, not John, Kayce, or any of the other Duttons. Jamie still feels a brotherly connection to Kayce, but he cries and gives Randall a hug. What does this mean? Is he okay with the fact that Randall just said he's going to continue to try to kill the Dutton family? Is he going to stop him and stand by the only family he's ever known? Even though this story hasn't gotten a ton of screen time this season I feel like there's going to be an emotional conclusion once Jamie finally decides where his loyalties lie.

4. Lloyd lashes out again at Walker

Lloyd is still pretty annoyed with the fact that Walker is dating his ex, the barrel racer Laramie, and is back on the ranch. Lloyd and Carter have a bonding moment in the barn where they bond over being "outsiders." Carter is still in the doghouse with Beth after being a brat during their shopping trip and Lloyd is still angrily pouting in the corner of the bunkhouse after getting publicly shamed by Rip for fighting Walker.

So imagine my surprise when he goes back to the bunkhouse and literally stabs Walker. What?! The scene was chaotic, to say the least, and I was sure that Rip and John would finally have to take Lloyd to "the train station."

5. The women are kicked out of the bunkhouse

Because of this major feud between Lloyd and Walker, John tells Rip that there's no longer a place for any women in the bunkhouse. Rip presents Laramie with a final check (and one for Mia, who also left during the crazy Lloyd stabbing scene). But he also tells Teeter she needs to leave even though she wasn't a part of the drama. Teeter was such a fun character to watch last season. We haven't seen much of her at all in season four, but I still don't want her to leave...interested to see what happens from here.

6. Lloyd and Walker finally have a real fight

If Lloyd was anyone else he definitely would have been thrown off a cliff (aka taken to the train station). But his history at the Yellowstone gives him one last chance after he has broken the ranch rules of fighting now two times. John instructs Rip to take Walker and Lloyd to fight until one of them is no longer standing. It's incredibly hard to watch. They beat each other to the point where Lloyd, technically the last standing, can barely stand. Then Rip has to make an example of him by beating him down and stomping on his hand, which we can only assume is broken. There's an emotional moment where Rip is walking away, clearly hurting that he just had to do that to his closest friend.

7. Carter wants to be John Dutton

Carter, along with the rest of the bunkhouse boys, watches the fight between Walker and Lloyd. At the end of it all, he states that when he grows up, he wants to be just like John Dutton. He points to John who is just walking into the sunset after having orchestrated the entire fight in order to bring peace upon the ranch. I'm interested to see where his character goes from here because that statement became the name of the entire episode. Is he going to make good with Beth in order to eventually run the place?