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Everything You'll Need for a DIY Beth Dutton Halloween Costume (Minus the Attitude)


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Halloween is coming up, which means if you're looking for a good costume and you're as addicted to Yellowstone as we are over at Wide Open Country, may we suggest donning strawberry blonde hair and an oversized leopard print jacket? If paying homage to Beth Dutton this Halloween sounds as good to you as it does to us, a truly memorable Yellowstone Halloween costume will take some key wardrobe pieces. Luckily, Beth has a signature style as well as an attitude, so these pieces will be wardrobe staples you can wear anytime you need to channel your inner Dutton.

While most ladies are set on being Beth for Halloween, the men get various Yellowstone Halloween costumes to get creative with. You could grab a black jacket with ranching gloves and go as Rip, or a beige jacket and cowboy hat and go as the one and only John Dutton. Whatever you're looking for, a clever Yellowstone Halloween costume will stir up as much conversation as the season four finale.

Beth Dutton

A  Proper Beth Dutton Jacket

HGWXX7 Women Winter Warm Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat - Amazon, $17.89+

Kelly Reilly deserves every kind of award for bringing the fiery Yellowstone TV show character to life -- and her signature leopard print coat has become a staple on the show as well as one of her most recognizable outfit choices. This jacket will keep you warm during a brisk Halloween night, and everyone will immediately know who you are. Win win!

Another Stunning Option

Yellowstone Season 3 Wool Blend Beth Dutton Poncho - Amazon, $48.99

Beth looks so cozy in this gorgeous poncho. Consider this as your costume option if you want an outfit you'll wear over and over again.

A Flowy Dress or Shirt

Beth often opts for darker flowy dresses or loose boho-style shirts. Depending on the coat you pick, we think these could work. Try the black dress with the leopard print for the most classic Beth costume -- or mix it up the red shirt, jeans, and a poncho. Whatever outfit you choose, don't forget the knee-high leather boots.


WEACZZY Summer Dress - Amazon, $24.99


Kaywide Casual V-Neck - Amazon, $16.99

A Rancher Fedora


Lanzom  Classic Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat - Amazon, $17.99

This adorable hat will come in handy for your DIY Beth Dutton costume, but it'll also be a cute hat to keep around for other fall outfits.

A Must-Have Wig


Strawberry Blonde Wig With Bangs - Amazon, $23.99

You'll need a strawberry blonde wig with her signature sideswept bangs, of course. And of course, don't forget the smudged eyeliner and the fake cigarettes (snag them here for under $5).

Rip Wheeler

The Perfect Coat


WenVen Casual Cotton Jacket - Amazon, $60.00

Pop the collar of this jacket and pair it with jeans, a denim shirt, and a Western-style belt buckle (we love this one that's only $11.99) and your Rip Wheeler outfit will almost be complete.

The Perfect Cowboy Hat


Brandslock Leather Cowboy Hat - Amazon, $39.99

No Rip Wheeler costume can work without a cowboy hat, and this suede, dark brown option is under $40 and captures the essence of the real thing. Pair them with some black leather ranching gloves for extra accuracy.

John Dutton

A Copycat John Dutton Jacket

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men's Signature Trucker Jacket - Amazon, $27.74

This Levi's jacket looks incredibly similar to something John would wear. Watch out, Kevin Costner: With a few acting lessons and this jacket, you might be able to take the role from him.


An Official Yellowstone Vest

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Logo Officially Licensed Canyon Cloth Brown Vest - Amazon, $134.95

Here's an official vest licensed by the Paramount network. It has the Yellowstone logo embroidered on it. If you have a couple's costume contest you want to win, you should opt for the real thing. A genuine Yellowstone Halloween Costume is sure to place first.

This post was originally published on September 21, 2020.

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