Everything You'll Need for a DIY Beth Dutton Halloween Costume (Minus the Attitude)

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A leopard print jacket may not be part of your everyday wear, but ladies, I think we'd all be willing to wear the animal print jacket for one night only. To pay homage to Beth Dutton, many Yellowstone fans are going as the fierce character for Halloween.

While most ladies are set on being Beth for Halloween, the lucky men get various Yellowstone Halloween costumes to get creative with. Grab a black leather jacket and go as Rip, or a beige jacket and cowboy hat and go as the one and only, John Dutton. These clever costumes will stir up as much conversation as the season three finale.

Yellowstone Halloween Costume Ideas

Beth Dutton

Kelly Reilly deserves every kind of award for bringing the Yellowstone TV show character to life. Only she can wear this super cute jacket and pull it off! No worries, you'll be able to pull it off as long as you bring the same Beth Dutton attitude to the Halloween party. You'll stand out with this trending piece!

2. Lack of Color Women's Coco Rancher Wool Fedora Hat

yellowstone halloween costume

This adorable hat will come in handy for your DIY Beth Dutton costume, but it'll also be a cute hat to keep around for fall outfits.

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John Dutton

This John Dutton-inspired jacket will be a huge giveaway that you're going as him for Halloween. Watch out, Kevin Costner. With a few acting lessons and this jacket, you might be able to take the role from him.

4. Yellowstone Kevin Costner John Dutton Black Cotton Vest ! Yellowstone Vest

An eBay seller has the perfect vest for sale. It has the Yellowstone logo embroidered on it. This vest will take your DIY costume to a whole new level. You'll definitely win the Halloween costume contest!

You can also find it here from Amazon.

Kayce Dutton

5. Mountain Khakis Men's Ranch Shearling Vest

yellowstone halloween costume

Oh, Luke Grimes. Isn't he the cutest in all of his ranch apparel? Snag this vest and go as Kayce to the Halloween party.

6. ARIAT Accessories WoolAM/SS4 1/4" 3pc (A7520201)

A hat is a must!

Rip Wheeler

Every fan of the Paramount Network TV series needs this Dutton Ranch jacket, especially if you're going as Rip Wheeler. Be sure to take plenty of pictures in it, it's very insta-worthy.

8. SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses UV400 Protection

yellowstone halloween costume

Complete Rip's look with a black pair of shades.

Extra Accessories

9. Montana Silversmiths Men's Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Belt Buckle

yellowstone halloween costume

If you're going as Jamie Dutton or any male Yellowstone character, consider this men's belt buckle. Surely Wes Bentley would approve of it.

10. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Y Logo Established 1886 Kevin Costner Belt Buckle 66-57

yellowstone halloween costume

Here's the perfect women's belt buckle for any lady who wants to be part of the Dutton family.

The Yellowstone cast makes for a great group costume idea. Have each family member and a few friends go as a character to recreate a cast photo! Or, you and your significant other or best friend can go as two of your favorite characters.

Check out this fun couple's costume for inspiration. They look fantastic!

Forget spooky costumes, your Beth Halloween costume is taking home best costume.

This post was originally published on September 21, 2020.

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Everything You'll Need for a DIY Beth Dutton Halloween Costume (Minus the Attitude)