Wynonna Judd's Daughter Charged With Soliciting Prostitution In Addition To Indecent Exposure
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Wynonna Judd's Daughter Charged With Soliciting Prostitution In Addition To Indecent Exposure

Wynonna Judd's daughter Grace Kelley has found herself in more legal trouble. In addition to the indecent exposure charge, authorities are also charging her with soliciting prostitution.

Elmore County Sheriff's Office confirmed that they charged Kelley with soliciting prostitution, indecent exposure and obstructing governmental operations. News broke earlier this week that police had arrested Judd's daughter. At the time, Kelley was at the intersection of an interstate with her breasts and lower half exposed.

"When officers tried to arrest her, she would not identify herself and sat down on the roadside, refusing to comply with police," Al.com reported. Millbrook Police arrested Kelley for also obstructing governmental operations charges.

Kelley's latest arrest is just part of a series of run-ins with the law over the past few years. Judd's daughter has been and out of lockup since 2017. The singer is reportedly distraught over the latest development. She was hopeful that Kelley was on the right path again.

Judd had hopes of rebuilding her family again. "She feels like there is nothing she can do anymore and she powerless," the source said. "Whenever Grace gets back on track, she falls right off track again and it is a pattern that has no end."

Wynonna Judd Talks Daughter

Likewise, Judd has been focused on being a grandmother to Kelley's daughter. "Grace giving Wynonna a granddaughter weeks before Naomi took her life was the best thing that could have happened because she has been able to channel her pain into love for Kaliyah," the source continued. "Wynonna is prepared to take care of Kaliyah if Grace goes back to prison again but is praying that this won't happen."

Judd hasn't spoken much about Kelley, but she's previously offered words of support. She once told John Rich, "My daughter is the strongest Judd woman. She's healthier than I was at 23. How she got there - I would not go that way, but I was also sequestered."

Likewise, Judd cheekily referenced Kelley's past. She explained the sudden status of her children saying, "I've got one on patrol, and I've got one on parole. I'm no different than anyone else. I've got kids who have made great successful choices. I have just as much to say about the testimony - emphasis on the word 'test' - of both my children saying, 'Wow, that didn't work.'"