The 10 Best Winter Flowers to Plant Instead of Poinsettias 

These winter flowers will actually survive the harsh cold months.

The cold, frost-bitten months of December, January, and February may not seem like they provide prime gardening conditions. But the real green thumbs know that plenty of plants thrive in the chilly weather—even flowers.

With their bright red leaves and deep association with Christmas, poinsettias tend to be the go-to potted beauty for holiday planting. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, it's the largest potted flower crop grown in the U.S., and over 2 million are sold every year. But even though their popularity skyrockets as soon as temperatures start to drop, they're not exactly the hardiest winter plant out there.

Seeing as how they originate from the tropical forests of Mexico and Guatemala, poinsettias actually prefer a milder climate, around 65 to 70 degrees. In fact, these plants will begin to drop leaves when the temperature hits 50 degrees. So, keeping your poinsettia alive through the snowy season takes a lot of work, and you'll eventually want to move it inside if you live in a colder region. It may be a Christmas tradition to stock up on your annual poinsettias, but it is a fair amount of maintenance.

But what if instead of struggling to keep your poinsettias alive, you could have gorgeous winter flowers that not just survive but thrive during those cold winter days? If you want to add some color and cheer to your garden this season, check out these ten winter flower alternatives. And don't forget your good luck flowers to ring in the new year.

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