9 Flowers That Bring You Good Luck

If you want to bring a little good luck to your garden, you might think that you should look for a four-leaf clover. But there are other ways to grow some good fortune in your yard. Different cultures believe that certain flowering plants bring positive energy along with a landscape of beautiful flowers. These good luck flowers are ones anyone can easily grow; some of them work best in raised garden beds, while others are perfect for container gardening.

These lucky plants also make great gifts for your loved ones. You can ask your florist to make an arrangement with these good luck flowers, or you can buy the plants for good luck that sticks around.

Nine Good Luck Flowers to Plant in your Garden


The gardenia originated in Asia and then was brought to Europe in the 1700s. It grew to have a different symbolism depending on culture, including secret love, sophistication, joy, and purity. In 18th century England, though, if you gave a man a gardenia it was seen as a harbinger of good luck.


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You might know the narcissus better as the daffodil. As one of the first flowers of spring, the sunny yellow and orange flower brings good luck for the rest of the year. Daffodils are easy to grow in most locations; plant them in the fall and when spring rolls around, you'll have a bright, lucky garden.


Did you know that peonies are considered the appropriate flower for a 12th wedding anniversary? It encourages a happy marriage and symbolizes good health, prosperity and happiness. Peony bushes with lots of flowers are seen to be lucky, but when those flowers fade or dry up, it might mean a disaster is headed your way.


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Hydrangeas are grown around the world; different cultures attach different meanings to this colorful flower. In Japan, it's seen as indicating a heartfelt emotion and gratitude. Purple hydrangeas are also seen as symbolizing prosperity and abundance. This good luck flower is one you can grow in your garden or include in flower arrangements to invite good fortune into your house.


Azaleas are popular landscaping flowers across the United States. They're bright and abundant, plus they are easy to grow. Plant them near your door to greet guests with good wishes and luck.


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Chrysanthemums are a favorite flower around the world. In China, they are seen as representing longevity and good luck. In Japan, the chrysanthemum is the symbol of the emperor. Gold chrysanthemums represent wealth and prosperity.


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Bright yellow and gold, these flowers can represent good fortune, like a pot of gold. But some religions also see marigolds as protection from evil spirits, which is its own kind of good luck.

Peach Blossoms

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Every part of the peach tree has symbolism in Chinese culture. In feng shui, peach blossoms are used both to attract love and to attract like-minded friends, depending on how you display it. The blossoms are considered sacred in China as symbols of growth, romance and permanence; they're also good luck flowers because they are believed to awaken luck specifically in those looking for love.

White Carnations

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Some lucky flowers have different meanings depending on their color. Carnations can symbolize everything from a mother's love (pink carnations) to capriciousness (purple carnations). But the white flowers symbolize good luck, so plant white carnations to bring your garden both love and luck!