whataburger quinceañera
Twitter/Evelyn Lopez Terrazas

This Girl's Whataburger Quinceañera Photos are the Most Texan Thing Ever

This creative Texas girl went viral by featuring her favorite burger chain, Whataburger, in her incredible Quinceañera photo shoot.

Evelyn Lopez Terrazas lives in Natalia, Texas, a small town Southwest of San Antonio. For her 15th birthday, she seriously embraced her Texan heritage. Her Quinceañera photos included the pretty teenager in a gorgeous pale pink gown, cowboy boots, and of course, scarfing some Whataburger.

Lopez Terrazas posted the pictures to Twitter on Sunday, Nov. 5, where they quickly went viral. Over 1,500 retweeted the pictures so far, and 11,000 people liked them.

The pictures are truly just about the most Texan thing you'll ever see. In one photo, Lopez Terrazas leads a horse on a flowered rein. In another, she holds a cleaned deer skull. Our favorite is definitely the one where she plopped down to eat some delicious Whataburger in front of a giant table tent with, of course, the number 15.

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Quinceañeras, also referred to as "Quinces," are a tradition for Hispanic girls. A social debut of sorts, girls receive a Quinceañera party on their 15th birthday ("quince" means 15 in Spanish). The parties are lavish and typically cost thousands of dollars, costing as much as a wedding in some cases.

Seems like Evelyn made her Quince one to remember. Feliz Cumpleaños, Evelyn!

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