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Texas Woman Refuses to Go to Hospital Until Cops Give Her Big Red

An elderly woman in East Texas finally got what she wanted when the police brought her a Big Red... with a catch.

When police got a call requesting a welfare check for an older woman who has medical issues, they found her laying on the ground but conscious. Unable to get back up on her own, she had been scooting on the floor to get around. The paramedics wanted to take her to the hospital for observation, but she refused medical treatment. Instead, she insisted all she needed was a Big Red.

A local paramedic posted the story to the Tyler Police Department's Facebook page.

"Normally the officers on the scene will let us handle the situation," the post reads. "And if a patient refuses treatment we would leave. Sergeant Zack Noble and Officer Charles Johnson felt as we did, [that she needed medical help] and tried to convince her to go and get checked out. She said, 'All I want is a Big Red to drink and I will be fine.'"

So the officers promised to bring her the red cream soda if she would go with EMS to the hospital. She begrudgingly agreed.

"I thought he was bluffing so that she would agree to go to the hospital," the post continued. "I could hardly believe it when Sergeant Noble arrived minutes later at the hospital with an ice cold Big Red for her."

Sounds like Sergeant Noble is a man of his word. Thanks, Tyler Police Department and EMS for your kind gesture and for helping this senior citizen when she was in need. Best wishes for the lady and we hope she recovers quickly.

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