20 Signs You Grew up in South Texas

Texas is so big you really can't lump all Texans in together as a group. Each part of the state has its own distinct culture, and South Texas is in a category of its own. With a weird mash-up of Mexican, German and Czech cultures, all South Texans have a unique childhood. Here's a tiny glimpse of what it is like being raised in South Texas.

20. You think it's totally normal to intertwine Spanish and English.

You don't speak Spanish per se, but you're used to hearing it, and you can't help blurting out "vamanos" when people are going slow. You know a weird assortment of Spanish words and phrases and don't even remember when or how you learned them.

George Lopez Image via Wikimedia Commons

19. You know how to correctly pronounce complicated German and Czech names

South Texan test: Say these names out loud: Kocúrek, Mueller, Jane?ek, Kloesel, Spoetzl

Image via Flickr/Adam Baker

18. You have an unbelievable heat tolerance

When people from up north complain that it's 90 degrees outside, and you're like, y'all just wait till summer.

Image via xlcountry

On the other hand, you have zero cold tolerance

It's 70 degrees outside, so you're gonna need a sweater.

Image via Pinterest

17. You still have dreams about chorizo and eggs from home

WHY is this not a breakfast staple everywhere???

Image via Flickr/Jeffreyw
Image via Flickr/Jeffreyw

16. You were shocked to learn some people consider giving children hot sauce "abuse"

Because you've been putting it on your food since you were three.

Image via Flickr/Christopher

15. You consider any city that has a freeway a "big city"

There's not much in South Texas except small towns. Let's go to Corpus, there are TWO malls!

Image via Flickr/Ken Lund
Image via Flickr/Ken Lund

14. Crossing the Mexican border (was) no big deal

What else was there to do on a Saturday? Those were the days.

Image via Flickr/Eric Molina

13. You experienced "winter" for the first time when you left for college

Apparently, flip flops and a hoodie are not sufficient winter clothing elsewhere.


12. Christmas is super exciting because of homemade tamales

Turkey shmurkey, bring on the head cheese!

Image via Flickr/Phil! Gold

11. You went to *at least* one quinceañera

And it was freaking awesome.

Image via Flickr/Christopher Michel
Image via Flickr/Christopher Michel

10. You know the only acceptable beach in Texas is South Padre...

It's worth the drive to get away from the brown muck washed into the Gulf by the Mississippi.

Image via Flickr/Todd Carr

...But you've still been to every other beach in Texas

Because, while it's always worth the drive, you don't always have the gas money.

Image via Beaumont Enterprise

9. You or someone you knew was in ballet folklorico and/or clogging.

This was a totally normal extra-curricular activity until you grew up and got too cool for it.

Image via Flickr/Ms. Phoenix

8. You consider kolaches to be their own food group

I'd say "breakfast of champions" except you could totally eat them all day long.

Image via Flickr/Kent Wang
Image via Flickr/Kent Wang

7. You're still traumatized from learning square dancing, line dancing and polka in P.E. class

Grade school was filled with the awkwardness of "Promenade left, promenade right!" to the tune of endless "Achy Breaky Heart" while contracting cooties from the stinky boy in your third grade class that they made you hold hands with. DEAR GOD WHY?!

6. You can accurately (mis)pronounce all the little town names

Like Refugio: Re-FURY-oh. Totally makes sense, right? Because, you know, Texas.

Image via Refugio Chamber of Commerce

5. You know the real "Cotton Eyed Joe" and hate that stupid techno one everyone was playing a few years ago

Seriously who came up with that crap? Scoff. Posers. THIS is the real Cotton Eyed Joe.

4. You went to multiple Spanish missions on school field trips

Remember the Alamo, when Billy threw up on the bus ride home? You've been to Goliad and Gonzales, and you can recite the "Come and take it" story by memory.

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

3. You remember the three times it snowed in the past 30 years, and you have pictures of it

Literally three times: 2004, 1996 and 1983. You crafted tiny snowmen out of snowballs the size of billiard balls. You made seriously muddy snow angels, then you got sad when it melted 30 minutes later.

Image via makeameme
Image via makeameme

2. You knew where Shiner was before the beer brand got popular

This is your hipster moment.


1. You're still mourning Selena

Taken too soon.

Image via Flickr/Sanity_94
Image via Flickr/Sanity_94

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20 Signs You Grew up in South Texas