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Whataburger Gives Nearly $2 Million to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Whataburger has just pledged $2 million to Hurricane Harvey relief. In an official press release, the burger chain stated that they've "been humbled by the work of our Family Members and neighbors in recent days" to help Houston recover.

The gift comes straight from the Whataburger Foundation, which gathers donations from the company itself, as well as from employees, suppliers and franchisees. All proceeds from the foundation's generous gift will go towards the emergency assistance of those affected by this disaster.

This includes bringing fresh food, water and clothing to the areas of Texas affected by horrible flooding brought about by Harvey. The foundation is also bringing medical and monetary assistance to the people of Houston through their $2 million pledge. Additionally, Whataburger is donating an additional $150,000 to the Red Cross and $500,000 to local food banks for areas in the most need. To top it off, they're developing Family Member Support Centers in both Corpus Christi and Houston. This will help greatly in getting displaced families get back on both feet.

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Whataburger is joining their business partner H-E-B in ongoing efforts to assist those displaced by Harvey. H-E-B recently deployed 15 disaster relief convoys to Texas to assist the people of Houston. Alongside the expected food, water, and clothes, H-E-B has also brought mobile pharmacies to the people of Texas.

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