Fed up With Scrubbing Soap-Scum? Join 16,000 Cleaners Who Know Wet & Forget Is the Easy Solution

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A clean shower is a happy shower, but nobody is happy when it actually comes down to scrubbing the shower doors and tile grout. Your daily bath is better without mineral deposits on the shower walls, but the build-up of soap scum isn't something any of us want to think about that often. So, I present: Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner.

This is it y'all. A weekly shower spray that doesn't require you to be face-first in some irritating fumes but still washes hard water stains away to somewhere else. Why clean tomorrow when this bathroom cleaner can do it for you today?

Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner Weekly Shower Cleaner Application Requires No Scrubbing, Bleach-Free Formula No-Scrub Vanilla Essence, 64 OZ. Ready to Use

Devoid of harsh bleach chemicals, Wet and Forget is intended for use on any shower surface you see. The shower glass, the showerhead, heck— maybe it would even get the shower curtain. (Don't actually use this on your curtain people, the cleaning product is for non-porous surfaces like fiberglass and porcelain.)

The one thing this stuff is no good for is natural marble.

Wet and Forget cleans up mold, mildew stains, and shower grime without the use of drastic chemicals. Yet, Wet and Forget's shower cleaning power is true to its name, just as Amazon reviewer Rob S. says:

The active ingredient here is non-ionic & cationic surfactants. They act as a scum remover, kicking other gross stuff off the glass doors of your shower like a bathroom bouncer. You don't have to be there to scrub anything away. It all drains off!

Applying Wet and Forget is really easy. Just spray Wet and Forget on your shower and then clean it off the next day without scrubbing. You might start using it as a daily shower cleaner! Instead of nasty fumes, you get a soft vanilla scent from the sprayer.

Wet & Forget Weekly Cleaner Application Requires No Scrubbing, Bleach-Free Formula No-Scrub Vanilla Essence, 64 OZ. Ready to Use

Wet and Forget is the cleaning supply for multi-taskers. Cleaning things without actually having to clean the things is the way of the future. Grab a spray bottle today.