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Song Premiere: Western Terrestrials Pay Tribute to a Country Legend With 'Roger Miller Time'

Vermont-based honky-tonkers the Western Terrestrials honor one of country music's most beloved songwriters on "Roger Miller Time," the latest release from their forthcoming album Back in the Saddle of a Fever Dream (out June 26). The humorous tune centers on a man who prefers to drown his sorrows while listening to Roger Miller albums. Fittingly, it was produced my the country legend's son, Dean Miller, at Omnisound Studios in Nashville.

"Working with the Western Terrestrials was a great experience. They have a reverence for the history of country music while keeping a slanted eye on its future," Dean Miller says. "They have a quirky sensibility with a dead serious groove underneath. A lot of great country music was built on humor and sadness, both. The Western Terrestrials do a great job of balancing across that line."

The track references the Country Music Hall of Fame member's classic hits, such as "Husbands and Wive," "Chug-a-Lug," "Dang Me," "King of the Road," "Engine No. 9" and more.

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"Getting the opportunity to do a project with Dean Miller was a distinct pleasure and privilege. Obviously, we have an enormous reverence for his father's music and his family's musical legacy," the band tells Wide Open Country. "Dean is an incredible producer and artist in his own right though.  He brought out the best in the material, our playing, and the vibe of the record as a whole.  He knew the right session players to bring in to compliment our sound, the right studio and engineer to work with, and the right subtle arrangement choices to take the tunes to another level.  He helped us pull together one hell of a record!"

Listen to "Roger Miller Time" below.


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