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Texas Couple's Backroad Country Wedding Proposal Will Warm Your Heart

A young Texas couple have become internet sensations after their romantic proposal on a secluded back road went viral.

The recorded wedding proposal was posted on Facebook, and shows 19-year-old KC Carter dancing with Allison Cooper, his 20-year-old fiance, under the Texas stars. They hold each other close and spinning around to Cody Johnson's version of George Strait's sweet song, "You Look So Good in Love." Only the headlights from their car light their impromptu dance floor. As Johnson enters the song's bridge, Carter gets down on one knee and pops the question.

Carter shared the video with the caption, "Well guys, I proposed to my best friend."

MySanAntonio spoke with the young couple about their sweet engagement and they explained that they regularly ride the back roads together.

"The first night we hung out we stopped on a back road to dance," he tells the publication. "So it's just a tradition that stuck."

That adorable tradition has now made them a viral sensation. Unlike most proposals that take over the internet, there are no elaborate or over-the-top surprises. Instead, it's just this sweet couple and their love for each other set to country music and the backdrop of a Texas country road.

The video has already gotten over 1.5 million views on Facebook and a flood of comments. One married woman even tagged her husband with a clever comment. "We need a redo," she wrote. "This guy knows what he's doing. Plus I think it's time for another upgrade."

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