10 Southern Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart

These fellas went to great heights to get a "yes" - literally.

You might think it's a typical day, but think again. Go big or go home. That's the theme of these surprising proposals. Some of them are beyond romantic. Others? Well, let's just say they definitely put in the effort.

These Southern marriage proposals will melt your heart and have you cheering. Who knows, they might even give someone an idea for a good one. Way to go guys.

10. Duck hunting surprise


They're camoed up and ready for the hunt. However, there's no way to prepare for what comes next. This gal doesn't even get to zip up her coat before her husband-to-be says the magic words. Hunting will have to wait, and those lucky ducks will live to see another day.

9. A graduation proposal

How He Asked
How He Asked

This little lady, Aubrey, thinks she is going to an innocent commissioning ceremony for her boyfriend, Anthony. He is graduating from the Marines. However, after the ceremony, Anthony has a little more to say. He calls Aubrey up and pops the question in front of all of them. Tough guys do have a soft spot.

8. Game night fail, proposal win


It's just a typical game night with friends. However, somewhere between a bite of chips and "times up!" you're getting married. Well, that's what happens to this girl, anyway. What starts out as a standard game of Pictionary, ends in tears and cheers as he draws out the question.

7. Light up our love


Christmas time means proposals. Love is in the air during the holidays, and everyone feels it. This festive couple, however, probably feels it more than most. The lady thinks they are taking a video of their Christmas lights. But when he lights up the roof, there's a lot more than "ho ho ho" lit up.

6. A private beach proposal


Three cheers for football! America's favorite pastime just got a little better. Well, at least from this girl's perspective. This NFL star surprises his wife-to-be on the coast. She expects him to be in Cleveland. But no ma'am, he is waiting for her on the beach with a private serenade.

5. Ma'am, you're under arrest


Flashing blue lights rarely bring good news. However, that's not true for everyone. This lady is having the worst day of her life. That is, until she realizes it's actually a proposal. Her husband-to-be stages a full on arrest. The officer even puts her in the police car. Don't worry, they let her go as long as she says "yes."

4. The best trailer ever made


This video has been around for a while. Talk about giving 100% - this guy seriously goes above and beyond. If you missed it, check it out. Ginny thinks she is going to see a film with her brother. However, when trailer starts to play, she is totally blown away.

3. He really fell for her


This poor woman. Some might find this cruel... very cruel. But in the end she said yes, so everyone's happy. Josh stands on the edge of a building to offer a standard proposal to his girlfriend, Brooke, of four years. When he goes to catch the ring, he falls/ jumps off. Talk about taking your life in your hands.

2. She reeled in way more than a fish


This seriously will melt your heart. It's just another beautiful day on the water. Except, when this little lady thinks she has a bite, they reel it in to find something shiny. She even says yes without falling in. That makes one very successful day out on the lake.

1. You've never seen a rodeo like this one


The rodeo is already an amazing time. You have tons of wild entertainment for days. One rodeo cowgirl definitely got the surprise of her life. When she's called down into the arena for a dance contest, she wins much more than a high five. She's met by her boyfriend who pops the question in front of everyone. Now, that's some solid entertainment.

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10 Southern Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart