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The Rumors Are Untrue: Arby's To Never Add Plant-Based Menu

Being a vegetarian years ago was difficult. You always had to pre-check restaurant menus before going out, bring your own food to the company parties, and spend hours looking for meat alternatives at the small healthy grocery stores you had to drive 30 minutes to. Nowadays, places like Burger King and White Castle are offering plant-based burgers to satisfy their customers and while it seems like every fast food chain will soon be on the bandwagon, one, in particular, is sticking to the meats-roast beef sandwich meat that is.

We Have The Meats

Since 2014 the brand has been boasting slogan, "We Have The Meats" with vigor, proudly sharing its love for everything from roast beef and brisket to even elk and venison. But according to the latest statement from Arby's, they will not be selling plant-based meat in their stores anytime soon.

The statement came after VegNews posted the article, "Arby's Looks To Add Plant-Based Impossible Meat To Menu", which suggested that the Arby's brand was in talks with the company, Impossible Foods by way of The Information, a media outlet that specializes in tech news. However, it seems they got it wrong because when Arby's President Rob Lynch got a hold of the article he stated, "It won't happen on my watch," He shares with Fortune. "The only way would be if I got fired for some reason." He went on, "We've turned this brand around by making big, high quality, meaty, abundant sandwiches. That's who we are."

Impossible Foods had no comment. And VegNews still stands by its original reporting, citing The Information's article and "an investor presentation Impossible Foods used to raise money for a funding round"

So meat lovers, don't worry, the famous brisket sandwich or your Arby's roast beef aren't going anywhere soon and the company is sticking to its tagline.

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