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Florida Burger King Employee Caught Mopping Tables in Kid's Play Area

One Florida Burger King employee thought he was working smarter, and not harder, when he took to cleaning tables with the same mop he had just used on the floors. According to local news station, News4JaxKatie Duran witnessed and videotaped, the cleaning incident at the Burger King location on State Road 13 in Fruit Cove and was shocked to see how the employee was cleaning the table her and her family had just been sitting at in the play area. 

"I had just eaten on that table. Did you do that yesterday? Do you do this every night? Did you do this, this morning?" Duran told News4Jax in an interview.

While, yes, I understand that cleaning isn't a fun task, you have to be aware of what you are doing. Sure, at home I've used my handheld vacuum to suck up crumbs from my kitchen counter (which I am still unsure if this is genius or literally what you are supposed to use the vacuum for) but I would never do it in a place of work, especially in front of customers.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the only violation in the Jacksonville Burger King according to the state health inspections. The restaurant's inspection reports that this location has been guilty of eight violations, including vents in the kitchen containing mold, lack of hairnets, and food residue all over the interior of the freezer. 

A spokesperson for the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation shared, "Pursuant to the FDA Food Code, cloths in-use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces must be clean and held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution," she said. "A floor mop is not an acceptable cleaning implement." 

Someone from Burger King commented as well, "The action depicted in the video is unacceptable and not in line with our brand standards or operational procedures. We have strict protocols around cleanliness and food safety. The restaurant owner will be re-training his team on all operational protocols."

It just goes to show, using a mop to clean tables probably isn't the best idea.

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