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Chick-Fil-A Has Been Named the Friendliest Fast Food Chain

"It's my pleasure" to give you this bit of friendly news. A new study now says that Chick-Fil-A is the friendliest fast-food chain around. When compared to 14 other major chains, the GSR Magazine study determined that Chick-Fil-A employees were simply friendlier than the rest.

Of course, fans of the restaurant are already aware of the friendly nature of the employees inside. When you interact with them, you can expect to hear "please," "thank you" and the signature phrase "it's my pleasure." But, the new study shows that the favorite chicken joint goes one step further than just saying the right things.

Instead, employees in Chick-Fil-A are more likely to look you in the eye and have a pleasant demeanor. The study found this demeanor was present almost 94% of the time. Other popular food chains only displayed this friendly demeanor 80% of the time.

In addition to focusing on their friendly service, Chick-Fil-A also looks for ways to deliver orders to their customers quickly and efficiently. This is one reason the chain has made some changes to the way their drive thru works.

During peak times, orders get to the kitchen faster because employees are able to walk from one vehicle to the next while taking orders on a tablet. This sort of system keeps orders moving and customers happy. And that's exactly what makes Chick-Fil-A the most popular, and friendliest, fast-food chain in the country.

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Chick-Fil-A Has Been Named the Friendliest Fast Food Chain