Adam Cunningham
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Watch Adam Cunningham's Sizzling 'Midnight Rider' Cover on 'The Voice'

Aspiring country artists keep on bringing their A-game to The Voice this season. The latest to hit the blind auditions stage with a soaring country cover is Adam Cunningham. The 38-year-old Nashville import impressed The Voice coaches with his sizzling rendition of The Allman Brothers' "Midnight Rider" during last night's episode (Oct. 2).

Cunningham immediately stole the attention of coach Blake Shelton when he burst into the song with some drawn-out, soulful grit. Accompanying himself on guitar, the Voice aspirant kept it all in-pocket as he continued to ramp up in its intensity. By his scorching cover's end, he managed to get both Blake and Jennifer Hudson turning their chairs for him.

Coach Jennifer seemed to be on the fence at first. But, she ended up giving Blake a run for his money with the help of Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus. Miley especially put up a good fight for Jennifer, pointing out that her soulful stylings aren't too far out of Cunningham's own wheelhouse.

Jennifer backed Miley's words up with some snark of her own. "You've got the country down, but let me teach you a thing or two about soul," she said, immediately pointing at Blake afterward. "He can't do that!"

Blake retorted, "Congratulations on winning The Voice U.K... We're in the United States of America now."

Ultimately and perhaps unsurprisingly, Cunningham went with Blake Shelton as his coach. All said, Jennifer put up a strong fight. But, in the end, Blake impressed the artist most with his appeal. It could have been because he'd pointed out Cunningham's innate ability to belt such powerful notes while remaining in pitch. Of course, their mutual country roots could have also had a thing or two to do about it.

Blind auditions on The Voice continue to be a national sensation thirteen seasons running. Based on these early episodes, showrunners seem to have a winning combination of coaches and singers on their hands in Season 13 especially. The rising trend of consummate country musicians on the show can only help this cause.


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