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Walker Hayes and His Daughter Go Viral on TikTok with 'Fancy Like' Dance


Question, what do you do if you're a rising country star and want to promote your new single? Easy, grab your child, create a dance, and post it on TikTok. Which is exactly what Walker Hayes did, and let me tell you, it's adorable. Safe to say that "Fancy Like" has been stuck in our heads for quite a while, captivating us with lyrics such as, "Yeah, we fancy like Applebee's on a date night / Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake."

Let's face it, the new song is catchy and a good summer bop. According to the singer, the inspiration behind the country song, which was written by Hayes, Josh Jenkins, Cameron Bartolini, and Shane Stevens, is about relishing the everyday things in life.

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He stated, "On my socials, I got a lot of people who watch me and my kids and my wife at home and they're like 'man, we also eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch' or 'We love Sonic, too.' And I think sometimes they get this impression that our life is fancier than theirs for some reason, so I guess 'Fancy Like' was my response to that, like 'nah, we're pretty normal, average Joe people'."

So, to show the song a little bit more love, the songwriter decided to take the song TikTok. A trending video popped up of Hayes and his 15-year-old daughter Lila dancing away, which has now racked up more than 4.7 million views. Seeing how it went viral, he then gathered all of his six children on Father's Day, Lila, 13-year-old Chapel, 11-year-old Baylor, 9-year-old Beckett, 7-year-old Loxley, and 5-year-old Everly, for another dance as an encore clip. Because well, why not include all of the family.


Speaking about his family to Southern Living, he spoke about how the pandemic has helped him bond further with his children by forming a relationship like never before. He stated, "My kids will never forget the 400 plus days their dad stayed home. I'm a better father because of it. The bonds I have with each of them have strengthened ten fold because of our forced time together. The pandemic was a challenging blessing for our house, not only for my relationship with the kids but with Laney too!"


I don't know about you, but I'm kind of impressed with his dance moves and I'm obsessed with the love he has for his family. I need all country artists to do this!

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