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Our Guide to Waffle House Hash Browns for Crispy Potato Fanatics

Waffle House is beloved for many things, from its biscuits and gravy to its magically fluffy omelets to its late night hours. One of the most iconic menu items of this breakfast chain is is hash browns, which are perfectly crispy and hit the spot no matter the time of day. Waffle House hash browns come in regular, large and triple, but there are a multitude of different ways to enjoy this shredded potato treat.

The Origin of Waffle House

We can thank two Georgia neighbors back in 1955 for all of the deliciousness that Waffle House brings to the world. This southern breakfast chain was started by Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkners, two breakfast-lovers who endeavored to provide their friends and community with a 24-hour, sit-down restaurant serving comforting homestyle food.

There are now almost 2,000 Waffle Houses throughout the country in 25 different states, and its yellow sign is a familiar landmark for anyone who enjoys a plate of crispy hash browns or some eggs and bacon. To get the most out of this chain's delectable hash browns, it's important to know the variety of ways to enjoy them.

The Many Ways to Enjoy Waffle House Hash Browns

The restaurant chain says that there are 1,572,864 different hash brown combos, which may sound ridiculous but is actually based on real numbers. Waffle House says that there are four different ways to prepare hash browns- plain with oil, seared, steamed with rice, or cooked dry. There are three sizes, and 18 ingredients you can add, from ketchup to onions to gravy. If you do the math, The fact that there are so many ways to enjoy this delectable breakfast treat feels almost like a challenge for crispy potato lovers to try as many variations as possible!

Here's our guide to Waffle House hash browns:


If you're feeling just classic golden brown hash browns, choose between regular, large and triple, and enjoy!


Hash browns sautéed with onions. You can't deny that onions are the perfect companion to potatoes.


Hash browns smothered in scrumptiously melted American cheese, for the cheese lovers.


Cooked with chunks of grilled hickory smoked ham, to add protein and flavor to the meal.


?Waffle House hash browns with grilled tomatoes added in. This makes it almost count as a salad, right?


For the spice lovers out there, this one's for you. Peppered has browns have jalapeño peppers added in for heat.


Hash browns with grilled button mushrooms- another veggie option to make the meal healthier.


Hash browns made with Bert's Chili, which is a combo of Jimmy Dean sausage, chili beans, tomato, onions, and more.


Hash browns with sausage gravy liberally poured on top.

Make Your Own Combo

Now you know all of the ingredients, so you can order your spuds however you like, with as many different add-ins as your heart desires! If it were me, they'd have cheese, jalapeño peppers and grilled tomatoes.

All the Way

To have a full experience, this option combines all of the toppings mentioned.

Waffle House Hash Browns from Your Own Kitchen

If reading this has you craving some Waffle House hash browns, but you don't feel like going to your nearest Waffle House, you can always try and recreate them from home. All you need is shredded potatoes, salt, ice, water, and vegetable oil. Use a cast iron skillet and cook over medium-high heat for best results. Here's a recipe from cdkitchen.

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