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The Waffle House Menu Is More Than Their Famous Breakfasts

I]s there any restaurant more iconic than Waffle House? It's a must-stop for any southern road trip, and locals in the south can probably name several Waffle House locations within a few miles of where they live. With items like the cheesesteak melt, the angus hamburger, cheese 'n eggs, hash browns all the way, and even original angus cheeseburgers, their menu is just as iconic!

What's On the Waffle House Menu?

What isn't on the menu at this Atlanta-area-founded fast-food chain? It might not be fast food like McDonald's, but their menu items sure seem to come out quickly!

First, let's look at the breakfast menu. The All-Star special comes with scrambled eggs, toast, jelly, grits, hash browns or sliced tomatoes, and a waffle with bacon, sausage, or city ham. You can also get toppings like sausage gravy and Bert's chili. Yum!

They have egg breakfasts with things like T-bone steak, country ham, or pork chops. They've also got your standard omelets with ingredients like American cheese, jalapeno peppers, grilled onions, cheesesteak, and more.

Speaking of cheesesteak, the Waffle House menu has plenty of breakfast sandwiches and Texas melts to choose from too, like the Texas bacon, egg & cheese melt, or the sausage, egg, and cheese melt on Texas toast. For those who like it plain, they'll also do a cheese sandwich or a basic ham & cheese.

Hash browns, cheese biscuits, chicken biscuits, pecan waffles, chocolate chip pancakes and so much more are on the breakfast menu, but let's take a look at some other offerings you can enjoy next to their famous jukeboxes.

Lunch and Dinner

Waffle House doesn't just do breakfast! They also have indulgent and classic dinner and lunch meals. Their Bacon Angus Cheeseburger Deluxe burger is mouthwatering, and if you're not feeling an Angus burger, their Texas Grilled Chicken Melt is definitely worth a try. They've also got hash brown bowls with things like sausage and grilled biscuits and a Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese Deluxe sandwich on their lunch and dinner menu. Top it all off with a glass of orange juice, Alice's iced tea-monade, or ice cold milk, and you've got it made.

Waffle House also has a great kid's meal menu with everything from a kid's grilled cheese to a scrambled egg breakfast. If you're feeling cheap, you can also order from the dollar menu.

When was the last time you got some cheese grits from the Waffle House menu? Treat yourself!

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This post was originally published on June 7, 2021.