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The Waffle House Sauce is Their Best-Kept Secret

We already knew that Waffle House is the place to go for a classic comfort food breakfast any time of day. Whether you're looking for a hash brown bowl, pecan waffles or country ham biscuits, Waffle House has it. For those looking for lunch or dinner menu item instead, the Angus burgers or Texas melts are just as delectable. However, something even the most avid Waffle House fans have recently discovered is that there's a special Waffle House sauce, and it's a must-try for all Waffle House lovers.

What Is Waffle House Sauce?

As tasty as the sauce is, the restaurant chain keeps it a secret. Rumor has it that the sauce is a discontinued food item, but you won't find it on the Waffle House menu, and don't even think about trying to find the recipe for this mysterious condiment. Those who have tried the sauce compare it to Chipotle mayo, describing a tangy, smoky flavor.

This secret sauce has been one of Waffle House's secrets for a number of years, but knowledge of its existence is just now leaking out to the public. As Chowhound explains, you need to personally ask your server for the sauce by name to experience it.

For anyone who's not scared of a little kick, the sauce is a great addition to almost any food item, from the Grilled Chicken Sandwich to the All-Star Special Breakfast. Waffle House customers can expect the WH sauce to make their meal extra flavorful and spicy, adding a Chipotle flavor that complements a savory dish or a sweet one. The next time you hit up your local Waffle House for a comforting, filling meal, don't forget to ask the server for a few packets of the secret Waffle House sauce.