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Vince Gill Shares Why He Doesn't Perform His Own Material With The Eagles

A huge part of country-rock legends The Eagles' appeal has always come through loud and clear when band members swap lead vocal duties on albums and at sold-out tour stops. That's remained true ever since the late Glenn Frey's son, Deacon Frey, and Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill joined the fold in 2017.

Gill's stepped in to sing "Lyin' Eyes," "Take It Easy" and other classics, as heard on the Live From the Forum MMXVIII album. He's yet to sprinkle in songs from his solo career and other projects, despite Don Henley's kind offer.

"Don was nice enough to say, 'Hey, let's do one of your songs,' and I said, 'With all due respect, I'd rather not,'" Gill told "I'm already stepping onto a place where a lot of people may not be that accepting of me. The last thing I want to do is give them one more reason to say, 'I didn't come here to hear his songs, too. I just came to hear Eagles songs!' So, we've kind of kept it at that, which seems to make the most sense."

A tour that blends playing Hotel California in its entirety with additional fan favorites and deeper cuts has expanded Gill's vocal responsibilities within the band.

"We did 'Ol' 55' for a while, which I've always loved," Gill added. "I was asked to sing 'Try and Love Again,' which they never did for the longest time. We're doing the Hotel California record from start to finish and Don said, 'I think you should sing that,' so OK. You've just got that catalog of material and every night it's great song after great song after great song. There are a few things that have popped up and kind of evolved. It's working and everybody seems to be having a good time."

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Gill also dashed hopes of new music from the current Eagles lineup.

"I don't think so," the Nashville superstar explained. "There doesn't seem to be any kind of attempt at that, and I think that's pretty healthy."