Video Shows South Carolina Father Dancing Moments Before He Placed Exploding Firework That Killed Him
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Video Shows South Carolina Father Dancing Moments Before He Placed Fatal Firework On His Head

While millions of Americans celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, we have to remember that they're small explosives. One South Carolina father accidentally killed himself after placing a firework on his head. 

The South Carolina father definitely embraced the holiday. He was decked out in a stars and stripes outfit similar to Uncle Sam. He even had a top hat. But sadly for his wife and son, he got swept away by the holiday. In an act of showboating, he earned himself a possible nomination for this year's Darwin Awards.

41-year-old Allen Ray McGrew of Summerville, South Carolina died after the large firework exploded. He suffered severe injuries to the head that killed him. In the video below, you can find him dancing and having a good time. All things considered, it's very sad. He clearly enjoyed himself.

However, he placed a large firework on his head to impress the neighbors, according to WCBD. Rather than fly off, it exploded and killed him. It was an act of showboating gone wrong.

South Carolina Father Dies Due To Firework Injury

His wife said that her husband wouldn't listen to reason. Family members urged him to take the firework off his head, but he ignored their pleas. Additionally, they didn't know that he already lit the firework.

"He was holding this firework over his top hat," Paige McGrew told the Post and Courier. "I thought he was just showboating before he set it on the ground. I didn't realize he had already lit it."

The South Carolina father had been drinking for several hours before the incident. It's likely that alcohol played a contributing factor. His wife said that he loved Independence Day.

"Allen loved this holiday," his wife told the Post and Courier. "He was a patriot; he was proud of his son and he was excited to have a new daughter-in-law. He was living his best life last night." She called him a "genuine, good person" who "loved life."

"He worked hard," she said. "and he played hard."

She also remembered his last moments. She said, "Just before the incident happened, he hugged me and his son and said, 'You are my rock, and you are my heart.' Me being his rock and his son being his heart."