$37 Vicks Thermometer Is Perfect for the Entire Family

Taking the temperature reading of a child can sometimes be difficult. Getting an accurate reading is especially trying if you're using a thermometer meant for rectal or underarm use when the child is uncomfortable. This Vick's thermometer has a two-second reading time and provides fever insight immediately. What's more, it is non-contact, so it's ideal for pediatric use or for any families with little ones.

If you need a new thermometer and aren't sure which is the best fit, this non-contact thermometer is a great option. It can quickly detect an elevated temperature and even has a fever insight feature that tells you if someone is running a normal, mild, or elevated temperature within seconds. It's best to be absolutely sure if your kid has a fever, so they can get back out there and resume enjoying their life!

Vicks Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Forehead, Food and Bath - Touchless Thermometer for Adults, Babies, Toddlers and Kids - Fast, Reliable, and Clinically Proven Accuracy

People absolutely love this forehead thermometer, and I totally understand why. If you're taking the temperature of a lot of people in a short amount of time, you don't want to cycle through probe covers if you're using a probe thermometer with a flexible tip or an ear thermometer. There's even a memory feature that can recall not only the last reading it did but up to the last 50 for a quick double-check that everyone is running a normal temperature.

The Vick's infrared thermometer boasts professional accuracy and even has the option to mute the beep if you want to check the temperature of a sleeping child. Several raving customer reviews talk about how convenient this is!

Whether you want your results in Celsius or Fahrenheit, you'll be able to quickly read them on the large screen display. This digital thermometer beeps twice if there is a fever alert, which can be useful if you aren't sure. This thermometer takes AAA batteries, which are included in the packaging. We couldn't find any reviews speaking to battery life, but we assume it lasts for a fairly long time as nobody has complained of it!

The screen turns different colors based on the temperature level, which is a quick and convenient way of identifying whether or not someone is at risk of a fever.

If you want another thermometer for more precise readings, the Vicks Comfortflex thermometer can take oral, axillary, or rectal temperatures, has a flexible tip, and is water-resistant. Other options include:

They're all available on Amazon and are great for a variety of healthcare needs.

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