Every Baker Needs This Candy Thermometer in the Cupboard

After this past year, I think we've all had quite enough of digital thermometers being aimed at our foreheads, haven't we? But let's talk about a more fun type of thermometer-a candy thermometer! Candy making is a precise skill that requires the right kitchen tools. A candy thermometer is a "must have" to get the perfect texture and taste of your recipe.

Are you known as the one who always brings a sweets-filled cake pan to pot-lucks and holidays? Are you famous for your buttercream iced cupcakes? Are there always brownies on your cooling rack? Do you make a mean sheet cake? Are your measuring spoons and measuring cups always being rattled? Is your stand mixer always spinning? Do you watch chocolate chip cheesecake tutorials like it's an episode of The Crown? Then you may already have this gadget among your baking tools and bakeware.

What Does a Candy Thermometer Do Anyway?

A candy thermometer is sometimes called a sugar thermometer because that's exactly what is does. By measuring the temperature of the heating sugar mixture, you can determine your current cooking stage. That way your reputation for making perfectly silky buttercream or Great American Baking Show worthy cake recipes (complete with fancy fondant sculptures) stays intact.

Don't just throw this kitchen tool in a drawer with your pastry brush, rolling pin, and parchment paper. Use your thermometer to measure hot oil when deep frying, the temperature of scones and breads, homemade ice cream and frothy egg white meringues. Use it to monitor meats for Uncle "Gotta-Be-Medium Rare." You know the guy. Every family's got one.

We've all burned our mouths (or fingers) on sugar at some point in our lives. Sugar burns! So, maintaining the right temperature while making sugary treats will prevent undercooking or burning. I guarantee your candy thermometer will become just as beloved amongst your baking equipment as your mom's silicone spatula, your grandma's non-stick baking pan and mixing bowl, and your prized bridal shower gift of a pink kitchen-aid stand mixer.

Different Types of Candy Thermometers


There are several styles of candy thermometers available on Amazon. Traditional liquid, coil spring, and digital thermometers. The digital thermometers tend to be more accurate, many sounding a nifty alarm when your concoction reaches a certain temperature or stage of sugar cooking. A candy thermometer does sound a little intimidating. But don't worry. Just like we use our oven thermometer for accuracy, candy thermometers do essentially the same thing.

Read through the following Amazon links and choose your new best gadget friend!

1. Digital Cooking Candy Liquid Thermometer with Stainless Steel Pot Clip, Quick Read, Battery Included

Get an accurate digital reading in 6-8 seconds. Plus a handy stainless steel pot clip!

2. OXO Good Grips Glass Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer

This glass thermometer is offset to allow for large, easy-to-read graphics. 

3. KitchenAid Curved Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer, TEMPERATURE RANGE: 100F to 400F, Black

A larger handle keeps hands away from heat while using. The adjustable silicone-coated clip fits on most cookware and prevents scratching

4. Wilton Candy Thermometer, Ideal for Precisely Measuring Temperature of Hard Candy, Nougat, or Fudge Mixtures, Clamps to Side of Pan for Accurate Readings, Metal (14.7" Long)

Amazon's Choice for precise measuring of your sweetest creations!

5. Gourmia GTH9185 Digital Spatula Thermometer Cooking & Candy Temperature Reader & Stirrer in One, Durable BPA free food safe material, 2nd Generation


This multi-purpose kitchen gadget is a 2-in-1 Kitchen & BBQ Grill Tool. Read the internal temperature of chocolate, hard candy, creams, syrups, and meats. 

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